The Macedonian Army marked the 18th anniversary of the killing of three soliders near the village of Tanusevci, on the border with Kosovo, after an ambush by the Albanian NLA/UCK terrorist group.

Kirco Dimitriov (33) from Vinica, Dejan Jakimovski (25) from Kumanovo and Teodor Stojanovski (24) from Skopje were killed in the attack in which the Albanian terrorists used mines and snipers to kill the army patrol. NLA started a civil war in early 2001, in order to expell Macedonians from regions it wanted to solidify as majority Albanian. Dimitriov and Jakimovski two children each, and Stojanovski – a daughter.

As a result of the Ohrid peace treaty, all of the Albanian commanders and fighters received pardons for the war crimes they perpetrated, and shortly after the group turned into a political party which has dominated the Albanian political bloc in Macedonia.