Heavy snowfall has affected much of Macedonia, cutting off mountainous villages and, in one case, a 10 men border police unit. In the Skopje area, the village of Crn Vrv and its 150 inhabitants are cut off with 120 centimeters of snow.

– We’ve been cut off since Wednesday and nobody came to contact us. There’s been no help from the municipal authorities. No crews are coming to clean up the road. So far we have food and electricity, said villager Sabedin Baftiari.

In Tanusevci, on the border with Kosovo, the ten men border unit has been cut off. The Interior Ministry informs that they are in constant communication with the unit, which has enough food for the moment.

Snow falls have also closed the important regional road between Prilep and Krivogastani over Friday. The road connects Prilep with Krusevo and Demir Hisar.