The candidates for president of the state signed the Code for fair and democratic elections today at the State Election Commission.

Stevo Pendarovski expressed his belief that we have enough institutional memory as a country and enough political culture among all the candidates to maintain the level of debate, ensuring the entire process remains fair and democratic. Gordana Siljanovska assessed the signing of the code as a ceremonial act and normative and moral illusionism, but indicated that personally she will speak with arguments and a program and will respect all candidates.

Stevco Jakimovski said that he will respect the Code, but he will not sign it if the SEC does not guarantee that debates will be organized, pointing out that certain candidates are being maximally favored, and campaign funds were not equally distributed.

Bujar Osmani said that he will stand for a positive campaign, emphasizing that it is becoming more of a political moral obligation to approach these important elections for our country correctly.

Biljana Vankovska emphasized that she will sign the Code, but she does not believe in it as, she said, it seems like an empty piece of paper. She requested that television stations organize debates with all presidential candidates.

Arben Taravari expressed hope that these elections will be the fairest and most democratic ever.

Maxim Dimitrievski said that he will accept all public appearances with all presidential candidates and expressed his wish for democracy to prevail in these dual elections.

The content of the Code was read by the vice-president of the SEC, Ditmire Shehu, who stressed that all participants will strive to respect all laws, refrain from using hate speech, and ensure the successful implementation of fair and democratic elections.