The multinational military drill Rapid Respons 23 commenced on Monday at the Macedonian Army’s training ground Krivolak. The drill is part of the largest multinational drill on the territory of Europe, Defender Europe 23, and will last until June 2.

Rapid Response 23 will take place in eight countries in the region: Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte Negro, Croatia, Slovenia, and Kosovo.

The part of the drill to be carried out at Krivolak will involve around 1,850 memebrs of forut NATO armies: USA, Macedonia, Albania, and Monte Negro and one partner-country, Kosovo. Furthermore, the Macedonian Amy with 130 soldiers will participate in the extnsions of this drill in Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Kosovo, and Albania.

During the drill, the US DARPA will present the project Origin, which is a platfrom for testing and demonstration of new technologies – an autonomous, land robotic vehicle, that is. In order to protect the environment, the Stip University labaratory AMBIKON will measure the residual particles throughout the drill.