It’s unfortunate to hear about the drug trafficking activities and the subsequent dismantling of a criminal organization in Barcelona with ties to Serbia. The collaboration between the Spanish and Serbian police in breaking up this network demonstrates the importance of international cooperation in combating such illegal activities.

The seizure of over 37,000 marijuana plants across five plantations, along with arrests and the discovery of significant amounts of marijuana buds and cash, underscores the scale of this operation. Placing these plantations in remote areas, including an adapted abandoned hostel, suggests a deliberate effort to operate discreetly and avoid detection.

The aspect of supplying “baby” plants to sellers in Barcelona further highlights the extent of their operation and their involvement in various stages of the drug trade.

Initiating the investigation following an exchange of information between the Serbian and Spanish authorities indicates the collaborative efforts to target the leader and dismantle this criminal group, which appears to have been actively involved in drug trafficking across international borders.