On Monday, human rights and peace organizations filed a lawsuit against the Netherlands in The Hague for selling military hardware to Israel, which bolsters Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip.

The organizations said that the Netherlands was potentially implicated in a breach of the laws of war in Gaza and urged an immediate stop to the supply of parts for Israeli F-35 combat jets.

The non-governmental organizations’ attorney, Liesbeth Zegveld, told the court, “The total destruction, the many civilian deaths, and comments from Israeli leaders and military officers reveal that Israel is disregarding the fundamental principles of the laws of war.”

She urged the court to impose a temporary injunction to stop the parts’ export. Next, a decision is anticipated.Among the groups endorsing the lawsuit are Oxfam Novib, Pax, and Amnesty International.

The Woensdrecht airport in the southern Netherlands is home to the European warehouse of the US manufacturer of F-35 spare parts.

Reports in the media claim that officials had advised the Dutch Foreign Ministry not to approve the exports.

Zegveld said that the Dutch government was involved in potential breaches of the international rules of war because the deliveries had not been stopped.

Reimer Veldhuis responded on behalf of the Dutch government, stating that Israel had the right to defend itself but that it had to be done so lawfully.

“It has not been established that the laws of war have been deliberately violated with the F-35s,” he stated.