An eruption occurred on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula following weeks of seismic activity, as confirmed by the country’s weather service. The eruption began near the village of Grindavík, previously evacuated in November due to earthquake concerns.

Videos and images on social media depicted vivid lava fountains against the dark sky. Authorities warned against approaching the volcano for safety reasons. Although localized at the Sundhnjúka crater, it’s uncertain if the eruption poses risks to Grindavík or local infrastructure.

Icelandic President Gudni Jóhannesson urged compliance with Civil Defence guidance, emphasizing caution. Grindavík, about 40 kilometers from Reykjavik, has been on alert due to potential eruptions, leading to a prior evacuation of 3,700 residents. The magma tunnel, extending beneath Grindavík to the seabed, raised concerns.

The nearby Blue Lagoon, a popular attraction, temporarily closed due to the activity. While Grindavík residents were allowed daytime re-entry, permanent resettlement remained restricted.