Russia’s chief diplomat, Sergei Lavrov, has dismissed a US proposal to resume discussions on nuclear arms control, asserting that such dialogue is unfeasible as long as Washington continues to provide military assistance to Ukraine. During an annual news conference, Lavrov accused the West of heightening global security risks by endorsing Ukraine’s escalation of attacks on Russian territory. He cautioned that Moscow would achieve its objectives in the conflict independently of Western support for Kiev.

Addressing the US proposal to reestablish communication in the realm of nuclear arms control, Lavrov stated that Moscow had turned down the offer. He emphasized that for such talks to occur, Washington must first reconsider its current policy towards Russia.

Lavrov alleged that the US push to revive nuclear discussions was motivated by a desire to reinstate inspections of Russia’s nuclear weapons facilities. He labeled these American demands as “obscene,” particularly in light of Ukraine’s attacks on Russian nuclear-armed bomber bases during the conflict.

The minister argued that Washington’s initiative to recommence nuclear negotiations stemmed from a desire “to try to establish control over our nuclear arsenal and minimize nuclear risks to itself.” However, he added that “those risks arise as a result of strong pressure on our country.”

Lavrov accused the West of obstructing any talks aimed at ending the conflict and of promoting an escalation of attacks on Russia.