British Prime Minister Theresa May suffered a drubbing in the Parliament vote to approve her exit deal with the European Union. Only 202 members of the House of Commons voted in favor of the deal, and 432 were against.

In her response, May called on the opposition to call for a vote of confidence in her Government. Likely unable to renegotiate the deal further with the EU, May may try to bring it back to Parliament if she survives the vote of no confidence, but the overwhelming margin makes it a tough sell.

Some Labour leaders, on the other hand, are calling for a repeat of the 2016 referendum, when Britons voted to leave the EU. Conservative members who favor a clean Brexit, who are in the minority in Parliament, are calling this a vote that favors leaving the EU with no deal and renegotiating trade and all other relations later. Conservatives close to May are likely hoping that the end result will be to delay the leaving of the Union, which is supposed to take place on March 29th.