Venezuela has suspended its expulsion of US diplomats, the foreign ministry in Caracas said Saturday, dpa reports.

The remaining diplomats may stay in the US embassy in Caracas, according to a Foreign Affairs Ministry statement.

The ministry said that it is now negotiating the establishment of a U.S. interests office in Venezuela and will allow U.S. embassy personnel to remain in the country while talks take place.

Talks about an interest section will have a 30-day limit and if no agreement is reached embassy personnel will then have to leave the country, according to the statement.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro had given Washington a 72-hour deadline to pull out its diplomats.

Maduro on Wednesday announced that Caracas was breaking off diplomatic relations with Washington after US President Donald Trump’s government recognized National Assembly speaker Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president.

The US State Department ordered non-emergency US government employees to leave Venezuela following the imposition of Maduro’s 72-hour deadline. A few diplomats remain in the US mission in Caracas.