According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, if Congress in the US does not approve military assistance to stop the Russian invasion, Ukraine will “lose the war”.”It’s critical to specifically address Congress: Ukraine will lose the war if Congress doesn’t help us,” Zelensky declared in a video conference hosted by the Ukrainian fundraising organization UNITED24.Zelensky issued one of his most severe warnings since the start of the war over two years ago after Congress stalled for months to approve a humanitarian aid package for Ukraine, leaving Kiev to contend with a shortage of personnel and ammunition as an emboldened Russia launches missiles at Ukrainian cities in an attempt to find weak spots along the front line.A $95,3 billion foreign aid bill intended to assist Israel and Ukraine was approved by the US Senate in February, but House Speaker Mike Johnson has so far refused to schedule a vote on the Ukraine package.Zelensky previously warned “CNN” that if US lawmakers do not approve the aid package, “millions” could perish in Ukraine’s conflict with Russia.

Russia estimated that it would take its forces a few days to take over Kiev and weeks to take over the remainder of the nation when it launched its invasion in February 2022.

However, after Ukraine repelled an initial attack on its capital and later in 2022 returned some of the territories seized by Russia, Moscow realized that such a calculation had been gravely incorrect.

Since then, the fronts have mainly remained stationary, with Russia still controlling around 25% of Ukraine.

Although there was hope that Ukraine would be able to recover more of the occupied areas, the country’s counteroffensive last year was unable to break through Russia’s defenses.

The then-chief executive officer of Ukraine admitted that the war had reached a “stalemate”.
Also on Sunday, Zelensky warned that “in the coming weeks, Russia will be more and more persistent in bringing nuclear weapons into the debate, threatening, playing with words.”

In a separate X post, he thanked UNITED24 ambassadors for “continuing to draw US attention to the Ukrainian people’s struggle for freedom and independence.”