Next Time’s song “Koga padna na Pirina” inspired Ilina Sokolovska to perform at the International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament in Germany, and she won the runner-up spot.

Ilina competed for Germany and won the silver medal in a competition with over 20 participating countries from around the world.

With this tournament, which took place in Leverkusen, the Macedonian girl Ilina, who has been successful in Germany for several years, finished the sports season and has a break until February, when the new season starts.

I am very happy, especially since gymnasts from over 20 countries from all over the world performed. I am happy about all the medals I won for Germany, but I am sorry that they are not successes for Macedonia. And I chose this song because even though we live in Germany, we constantly listen to Macedonian music at home, and I also love “Next Time”, says Ilina.