The President of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Tony Estanguet, has expressed concerns over the potential impact of adverse weather conditions on the River Seine, which hosts the triathlon event. If water quality deteriorates due to heavy rainfall, there is a possibility of delaying the event or even canceling the swimming segment.

Despite significant investment aimed at improving water safety, including over a billion euros spent on making the river suitable for swimming for the first time in a century, the threat remains. Recent warnings from organizations like the Surfrider Foundation Europe have highlighted elevated levels of bacteria in water samples, just a little over a hundred days before the games commence.

Estanguet, speaking at Sport Accord in Birmingham and as reported by the Guardian, acknowledged the challenges associated with hosting the triathlon in the Seine. However, he expressed confidence in the contingency plans in place. These plans include the option to postpone the event in case of rainy conditions, allowing for better weather conditions to prevail.

He emphasized the ongoing collaboration with authorities and the substantial investment made in the project, citing its potential legacy. Despite the challenges, organizers remain optimistic about the possibility of utilizing the Seine for the triathlon. Contingency measures include potential postponement for up to three days until suitable conditions prevail. However, if conditions do not improve, there may be a final decision to forego the swimming segment, adhering to the regulations set forth by the International Federation, though this is a scenario they aim to avoid.