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Sport 02.12.19 | 22:08

Macedonia will host the 2020 football championship of stateless nations

Skopje’s Philip II football staidum was selected to host the CONIFA world cup of stateless nations. The competition brings together teams from ethnic minorities, nations without established states or displaced nations. Current champions are the Ruthenian Hungarians – Karpatalija and other...

Sport 22.11.19 | 14:37

Macedonia will host Kosovo but won’t host the final UEFA Nations League game

Macedonia was selected to host the first of the UEFA Nations League against Kosovo, but will not host the final game, the draw decided. As third placed teams, Macedonia plays Kosovo, and then the winner plays either Georgia or Belarus for a spot in the 2020 European Championship. Macedonia will host...

Sport 19.11.19 | 23:32

Macedonia beats Israel 1:0

The Macedonian football team concluded its qualifications for the European Championship with a 1:0 win over Israel. Boban Nikolov scored the winning goal in the 45th minute of the game. Macedonia was set to win the home game from the start, and kept pushing at the Israel’s goal, but this also allowed...

Sport 11.10.19 | 18:30

Football fans chanted “Never North – Only Macedonia”

Some 15.000 football fans who cheered the Macedonian team in its victory against Slovenia yesterday were often heard chanting “Never North – Only Macedonia” The slogan became an unavoidable part of all sport competitions, especially when the organizers insist on using the imposed name...

Sport 10.10.19 | 23:18

With two goals from Elmas, Macedonia beats Slovenia 2:1

Macedonia beat Slovenia 2:1 in the 2020 European football championship qualifier in Skopje today. Both goals for the home team were scored by Elif Elmas in the second half, after his first half goal was disallowed in a dubious move by the referee. Angered by this injustice, Macedonia had a furious second...

Sport 09.09.19 | 23:23

Pandev and Bardhi win the game for Macedonia

Goran Pandev and Enis Bardhi led Macedonia to victory over Latvia in today’s away European Championship qualifier game. Macedonia had little difficulty beating the Baltic team. Pandev scored the first goal in the 14th minute and Bardhi added the second with a powerful shot from afar only a few...

Sport 06.09.19 | 10:29

Macedonia and Israel draw in European Championship qualifier

Macedonia had most of the game but was unable to beat Israel in the away Group G qualifier for the European Championship, as the teams drew 1:1. Israel scored the first goal early in the second half through its best player Eran Zahavi. Arijan Ademi evened the score in the 65th minute owing to a great...

Sport 25.07.19 | 12:08

Macedonia up two places on the FIFA world ranking, tied with China for the 71st spot

Macedonia rose two places on the FIFA rankings, to the 71st place, which it ties with China, both with 1.333 points each. Belgium remains at the top of the rankings, followed by Brasil and France.

Sport 07.06.19 | 23:11

Poland beats Macedonia 1:0 in Skopje

Poland beat Macedonia in the 2020 European football championship qualifier that ended a little while ago in Skopje. The score was 0:1. Krzystof Piatek scored the only goal of the game in the 47th minute, after a corner that was badly judged by Macedonain goalkeeper Dimitrievski. Goran Pandev and Enis...

Sport 25.03.19 | 10:38

Macedonia draws Slovenia 1:1 in European Championship qualifier

Macedonia drew with Slovenia 1:1 at the away European Championship qualifying game played on Sunday evening. Macedonia was more than an equal opponent to Slovenia and had a number of chances to take the lead but it was Slovenia who scored the first goal owing to our sloppy defending, through a header...

Football 28.02.19 | 20:22

Official: Sejdini is the only candidate for FFM president

Muhamed Sejdini, the current acting president of the Federation, is officially the only candidate for president of FFM ahead of the Election Assembly of the Football Federation of Macedonia. This was stated by the FFM Selection and Appointment Commission, which, after receiving all the reports from the...

Sport 18.02.19 | 10:24

New football low: Vardar denied clear goal against Shkendija

Sergei Samsonenko announced that he will withdraw from Macedonian sports after the scandalous decision on Sunday when the referee dismissed a clear goal for his Vardar team against Shkendija. The two bitter rivals for the championship were playing on Shkendija’s turf, in Tetovo, and the home team...