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Macedonia Economy 08.03.21 | 13:29

Gas prices go up by half a denar

Gas prices go up by half a denar today, while the diesel price will remain unchanged. The Energy Regulatory Committee set the Eurosuper BS-95 price at 66 denars (1 EUR = 61 denars) and BS-98 – at 68 denars per liter. Diesel remains unchanged at 56 denars per liter.

Balkans 05.01.21 | 16:43

Many injured after a gas explosion in a cafe in Kosovo

A large gas canister explosion ripped through a cafe in the city of Urosevac/Ferizaj in Kosovo, injuring dozens. Local authorities say that four people are in critical condition. Patients were rushed to Pristina for treatment due to the severity of the burns they sustained.

Macedonia Economy 22.11.20 | 11:50

Bocvarski insists that Macedonia will become a regional gas player

Transportation Minister Blagoja Bocvarski claimed that Macedonia will become a major regional player in the natural gas market with the completion of the linkage between its cities and the link to Greece. Macedonia currently has a badly underdeveloped network, with supply from Russia, through Bulgaria,...

Macedonia 27.10.20 | 17:38

Repairs in Bulgaria reduce gas supplies to Macedonia

Bulgaria is reducing gas supplies to Macedonia due to servicing of the pipeline. Macedonia uses Russian gas, transported through Bulgaria, for several stations that warm water used to heat apartments in the capital Skopje, as well as produce electricity and for the needs of several industrial plants....

Macedonia Economy 02.10.20 | 20:44

US push to deliver Azeri and LNG gas to Macedonia

US Assistant Secretary of State for energy resources Frank Fannon met with Macedonian Government representatives today and pushed for connecting Macedonia on a proposed LNG terminal that should be built in Greece. Besides the LNG imports that would come through the terminal planned at the Greek port...

Economy 27.07.20 | 13:16

Gas prices set to rise again

Gas prices are going up again. Starting at midnight, both gas and diesel prices will go up by 0.5 denars per liter. The Eurosuper BS-95 fuel will now cost 61 denars per liter, Eurosuper BS-98 will be priced at 63 denars and the diesel fuel will cost 52.5 denars. Gas prices in Macedonia have been on the...

Economy 26.05.20 | 17:45

Another gas price hike hits consumers

Gas prices will go up by 8,5 percent this evening, the Energy Regulatory Committee decided today. Gas will cost 57,5 and 59,5 denars per liter (1 EUR = 61 denars), which is an increase of 3 denars. Diesel will be sold for 49,5 denars per liter. Despite the global oil glut and record low prices, this...

Economy 27.04.20 | 21:40

While Macedonia hikes the gas tax, other countries are going in the opposite direction

While the Macedonian Government is busy hiking the gas tax, other countries are taking a completely different approach. In the Baltics, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia are cutting their taxes to keep up with the each other. The latest to make the move is Estonia, which will reduce diesel excise duties...

Macedonia 13.04.20 | 19:51

Mickoski: SDSM leaders are hiking the gas tax for personal, lucrative reasons

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said that the decision by the SDSM led Government to increase the gas tax at a time of unprecedented economic crisis is driven by lucrative interests of people close to the ruling party. The gas tax was hiked by two denars per liter, preventing the full effect...

Macedonia 12.03.20 | 20:31

10 year old child is the eight victim of the Romanovce gas blast

A 10 year old child died today in a Skopje hospital – the eight victim of the gas cylinder blast in the village of Romanovce three weeks ago. The child had heavy burns as a result of the fire that was sparked by the blast. Three other children died in the initial explosion, while four adults died...

Macedonia 05.03.20 | 10:40

Seventh victim succumbs to injuries in the Romanovce gas blast

A seventh person died from the consequences of the gas cylinder blast in the village of Romanovce, near Kumanovo. The incident occurred 10 days ago. Three of those killed in the blast and the subsequent fire were children.

Macedonia 29.02.20 | 18:41

Sixth victim of the Romanovce gas cylinder blast

A sixth person injured in the gas cylinder blast in the village of Romanovce a week ago has died from her injuries. The latest victim is a 63 year old woman who had extensive burns from the blast and the subsequent fire. The explosion killed three children, aged 8, 9 and 11, a 36 year old woman and a...

Macedonia 24.02.20 | 10:33

Romanovce gas cylinder tragedy claims fourth life, two other are in serious condition

A 59 year old man who was treated at the Emergency Clinic in Skopje following the gas cylinder explosion in the village of Romanovce, has died. Three children, aged 8, 9 and 11 died initially in the blast, and a 40 year old woman and a 10 year old are still treated with serious injuries. A pregnant 20...

Economy 09.12.19 | 17:19

Russia says it’s ready to begin supplying the Balkans with gas through the Turkish Stream pipeline

Russia informed the Balkan countries that it is ready to begin pumping gas through the Turkish Stream pipeline, in case there are issues which Ukraine that affect the existing Trans Balkan pipeline. Bulgarian gas company Bulgartransgaz manager Vladimir Malinov said that Russia is prepared to begin pumping...

Economy 24.09.19 | 18:26

Mayor Silegov expects that Skopje households will be able to use gas for heating by the end of 2020

Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov said that the gas pipeline ring around the capital Skopje is complete, and that in late 2020 we can expect some of the retail network to be in place too, so that households would be able to begin switch to gas heating. Macedonia is building a supply system between its major...

World 20.09.19 | 15:42

V4: Russia to deliver gas to Bulgaria and Hungary bypassing Ukraine

Bulgaria continues to buy Russian gas, but the country wants to bypass Ukraine in the future. Hungary is also looking for alternative solutions to the Ukrainian gas transit through the future Russian gas pipeline running towards Turkey, the V4 news agency reports. The Bulgarian state gas operator has...

Economy 27.05.19 | 10:43

Energy regulator meets to determine gas prices using its new set of rules

The Regulatory Energy Committee (RKE) meets today to determine the new gas prices, set under a new regulatory model introduced after the long serving contract with Hellenic Petroleum expired. For a brief period of time retailers were able to set their own prices, which didn’t bring dramatic changes...

Macedonia 24.05.19 | 11:12

Makpetrol gas station in downtown Skopje caught fire, explosion narrowly avoided

A Makpetrol gas station located in one of the most densely populated parts of Skopje nearly avoided a catastrophic fire yesterday. Eyewitnesses reported that smoke began to bellow out of the station and alarms sounded, after which most people fled the scene. One heroic employee took it upon himself to...

Economy 09.05.19 | 10:16

Gasoline market could be in for a brief period of liberalization

Next Tuesday, a years long agreement with the Greek Hellenic Petroleum company expires and their Macedonian based Okta company will no longer be able to directly influence the gasoline prices. The Energy Regulatory Committee (RKE) is moving to prepare a new regulation, but it is unclear whether it will...