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Economy 15.09.23 | 19:24

Inflation watch: Another gas price hike

Another gas price hike was announced today – if the diesel and Eurosuper BS-95 gas went up by about two denars per liter yesterday, today the Eurosuper BS-98 will go up by the same amount. The new price of the unleaded blend will be 92.5 denars per liter, determined the Regulatory Energy Commission.

Macedonia 11.07.23 | 20:24

Banned single use gas canisters seized at the border with Greece

Customs agents prevented the importing of 1,150 canisters of freon, weighing over 13 tons. The gas was packed in single use cylinders, which are banned in this country as harmful to the environment. One person has been detained at the Bogorodica crossing with Greece and a company is being investigated.

Economy 27.02.23 | 15:37

Gas prices go down slightly

The RKE energy commission announced a slight decrease in the price of gas. Unleaded blend BS-98 and diesel go down by 1 denar per liter and the BS-95 will go down by half a denar. Their new prices are 83.5, 76 and 81.5 denars, respectively.

Economy 23.01.23 | 14:00

Diesel and BS-95 fuel prices go up by half a denar

The RKE energy regulatory commission announced that it will increase the price of the Eurosuper BS-95 fuel and the diesel fuel by half a denar, to 83 and 84 denars per liter. Eurosuper BS-98 will remain priced at the same 85 denars per liter.

Economy 22.01.23 | 17:27

Open bid for gas suppliers for the capital Skopje

The state owned ELEM/ESM energy producing company is seeking offers from gas suppliers for February. The company switched from the Makpetrol company to the Bulgarian Balkan Utilities as the main supplier for the three heating plants that operate in the capital Skopje, and service the only warm water...

Economy 25.12.22 | 09:29

VMRO-DPMNE makes public the favorable gas purchase offer that was declined by the Government

VMRO-DPMNE yesterday presented the offer the Swiss based PGO energy trader made to Macedonia, that would’ve greatly reduced energy prices in the country. For several months VMRO has been claiming that the SDSM led Government is deliberately purchasing more expensive gas from politically linked...

Macedonia 23.12.22 | 21:15

Nikoloski: The Government refused our offer to procure gas at half price

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski informed that the Kovacevski Government refused an offer from the opposition party, to put them in touch with companies that can offer natural gas at a far lower price. According to Nikoloski, the Government is purchasing gas at the price of up to 1,950...

Economy 15.11.22 | 09:49

Gas prices reduced slightly

The Regulatory Energy Commission reduced gas prices today. Diesel, whose price has been surging, is now down 2.5 denars per liter to 96 denars. Unleaded blends are down 0.5 denars to 93.5 and 96 denars per liter.

Macedonia 24.10.22 | 09:58

Serbia to provide gas for our country to get through the winter

The Government of Serbia has amended the Decision on the temporary ban on the export and delivery of natural gas, with which the gas will still be able to be exported to Macedonia, the Tanjug agency reported. The decision was changed three days after its adoption, on October 20. The temporary ban on...

World 21.10.22 | 10:10

Orban: We succeeded, all options for purchasing gas are open to us

European Union leaders agreed to work on a gas price cap to limit extreme price peaks after lengthy negotiations extended into the early hours of Friday morning in Brussels. We are going to establish a market correction mechanism exactly to limit episodes of excessive gas prices, European Commission...

Economy 19.10.22 | 14:19

Delivery of gas agreed by contact that Mickoski offered to start in November

Yesterday, according to my information, a contract was signed with which energy is traded everywhere in Europe, by the contact I provided and AD ESM, says the president of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski, answering a journalist’s question whether he has information about progress with the energy...

Balkans 01.09.22 | 22:43

Vucic explained on blackboard how he saved Serbia from bankruptcy and why the purchased gas is stored in Hungary

The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic explained to the citizens with a blackboard and chalk the amount of gas consumption and how much the state will save by buying gas at a cheaper price and storing it in Hungary. Imagine what would have happened if we bought at today’s prices. Fortunately,...

World 30.07.22 | 11:15

Orban: We are negotiating with the Russians, Hungary will have enough gas

Hungary’s prime minister said Friday he will sign a new deal with Russia in the coming months, which will supply the country with nearly one billion cubic metres of gas. Speaking on local radio, Viktor Orban said he expected an agreement with Moscow this summer to provide Hungary with an additional...

Economy 23.05.22 | 17:30

Diesel gets cheaper by 1 denar, unleaded fuels go up by 0.5 denars per liter

Diesel prices are set to go down by 1 denar per liter, but unleaded fuels will go up by half a denar, the Regulatory Energy Commission announced today. Diesel will be sold for 85 denars per liter, while the BS-95 and BS-98 blends will cost 95 and 97 denars.

Economy 18.05.22 | 16:21

New spike in the gas price

A new significant increase in the price of gas was announced to day. It will go into effect this evening and will amount to 2.5 denars per liter for unleaded fuels. Diesel remains at the same price – 86 denars per liter, but the BS-95 and BS-98 blends will go up to 94.5 and 96.5 denars per liter.

World 11.05.22 | 09:45

Ukraine cuts one third of Russian gas flows to Europe

Ukraine’s gas grid operator says it is cutting Russian gas flowing to Europe through two key sections of its pipeline network from Wednesday, citing “force majeure” because of interference in its operations by occupying forces. GTSOU said the two sections it would shut down, which are currently...

Economy 09.05.22 | 13:45

Gas prices set to go up again

Fuel prices are set to go up at midnight again. The RKE regulatory commission set the price for the unleaded blends BS-95 and BS-98 at 90.5 and 92.5 denars per liter – an increase of 2 denars per liter. Diesel price goes down by 0.5 denars to 89.5 denars per liter.

World 28.04.22 | 23:41

Szijjarto: Gas must be paid for “in a manner that ensures its delivery”

Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s minister of foreign affairs and trade, said in Zagreb on Thursday that “for us, it’s no question that we have to pay the price of Russian gas in a manner that ensures its delivery”. Energy supplies are a matter of national security and its is the government’s...

Economy 31.03.22 | 22:43

Diesel price goes down

Diesel price goes down today by 2 denars per liter, and will be capped at 85.5 denars. Regular gas prices remain the same – 83.5 denars for BS-95 gas and 85.5 denars for BS-98, the RKE regulatory agency announced.

Macedonia 27.03.22 | 09:22

Solidarity in times of crisis – Macedonia to also take part in EU’s joint purchase of liquefied gas

Macedonia, as well as other countries in the Western Balkans, will take part in the platform for joint purchase of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and hydrogen, which was agreed yesterday by the EU and the United States. According to the government press service, this is a result of the policy of solidarity...