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Macedonia 03.12.20 | 09:16

Kumanovo Mayor Dimitrievski accuses Buckovski of high treason

Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski continued to voice opposition to his own SDSM party over its plan to accept Bulgarian positions on issues of national identity and history. Dimitrievski was critical of his party leader Zaev after Zaev’s scandalous BGNES interview, and now denounced former party...

Macedonia 02.12.20 | 20:44

Mickoski: The fact that the convicted Buckovski, acquitted by Zoran Zaev’s Supreme Court, is negotiating with Bulgaria is an introduction to a new apocalyptic scenario

The fact that the convicted Vlado Buckovski, who was acquitted by Zoran Zaev’s Supreme Court, is negotiating with Bulgaria is an introduction to a new apocalyptic scenario, the leader of VMRO DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski said at the protest in Kumanovo on Wednesday. We continue to express our revolt...

Macedonia 02.12.20 | 18:41

LIVE: Protest in Kumanovo, “Zaev’s resignation, freedom of the people”!

VMRO-DPMNE today organizes protests in 15 cities across Macedonia. The message sent by the citizens from these protests is: “Zaev’s resignation, freedom of the people”! The protest in Kumanovo started at 6 pm and you can follow it live on the video below.

Macedonia 27.11.20 | 18:16

LIVE: Protest in Kumanovo

The protest in Kumanovo, against Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s surrender on all historic and national identity issues to Bulgaria, is beginning. It can be viewed live at the following link. A total of seven cities hold protests this afternoon, after the major rally in Skopje yesterday.

Macedonia 27.11.20 | 17:23

Mickoski urges citizens to join mass protests in seven cities

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski called on the citizens of Kumanovo, Tetovo, Veles, Kavadarci, Prilep, Bitola and Ohrid to take to the streets this afternoon and join the protests against the Zaev regime. Resignation for Zaev – liberation for the people. Protests now, before it is too late....

Macedonia 13.11.20 | 20:36

Doctor Shukri Fazilu from Kumanovo dies of Covid-19

Doctor Shukri Fazliu from Kumanovo is the 13th doctor to succumb to Covid-19. Alsat-M TV reports that the 49 year old doctor was treated at home for a while, showing mild symptoms, but his condition took a turn to the worse in the past three days. He was admitted to the Infectious Diseases Clinic in...

Macedonia 09.11.20 | 22:05

Kumanovo forced to set up a field hospital, Veles flooded with new patients

Overflowing with Covid-19 patients, the Kumanovo hospital set up a tent which they plan to use to provide surplus room to admit the less severe cases. The Defense Ministry came to the aid of the Healthcare Ministry in preparing this improvised assistance to the hard pressed city. Due to the cold weather,...

Macedonia 08.10.20 | 10:26

Police union reports massive political revenge pressures on officers in Kumanovo

The SPM police union informs that Kumanovo police chiefs are conducting a revenge campaign against police officers on political grounds, ordering dozens to stations far from where they live and imposing disciplinary procedures for made up violations. On Tuesday, a total of 40 unlawful order to reassign...

Macedonia 26.09.20 | 21:44

Kumanovo doctor says he was attacked by a colleague

While attacks from angry patients on doctors are common occurrence in Macedonia, to the point that doctors and nurses held protests last year to demand police protection. But a doctor from Kumanovo reported that he was attacked by a colleague. Sukri Fazliu told Alsat-M TV that he was physically attacked...

Macedonia 04.09.20 | 17:15

Trafficker arrested near Kumanovo while transporting 34 illegal migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh

A man from Strumica was arrested wile transporting 34 illegal migrants near Kumamovo. A police chase after the vehicle ended up when the driver, fleeing the pursuit, hit into the fence of a house and then tried to flee on foot. Officers arrested the 28 year old man from the village of Banica near Strumica....

Macedonia 01.09.20 | 17:28

Judge orders initial 30 days of detention for the three arrested Islamists

The court ordered 30 days in detention for the three Islamists who were arrested today as they were apparently preparing suicide attacks. The men, who had fought with ISIS in the past, were stockpiling weapons and explosive suicide vests in a rural area south of Kumanovo. Security officials said that...

Macedonia 01.09.20 | 12:28

The Islamist group was storing its weapons and explosives south of Kumanovo, police reveals

The Interior Ministry identified the three members of the Islamist cell who were apparently preparing suicide attacks in Macedonia by their initials and partially obscured photographs. The group was led by A.B., who was later joined by Lj.E. and A.V. The group was storing weaponry and explosives in...

Macedonia 01.09.20 | 12:09

Three Islamists arrested in Skopje and Kumanovo while preparing suicide attacks

Macedonian police informed that it has arrested a group of Islamist terrorists who were apparently planning attacks. The arrests were conducted in Skopje and Kumanovo. From the footage made available by the Interior Ministry, it’s visible that the group had the black ISIS flag and was preparing...

Macedonia 04.08.20 | 20:27

Citizens of Kumanovo warned to prepare for a major storm

Forecasters have warned the people of Kumanovo to be prepared for a major storm this evening. Earlier the capital Skopje was pounded by a strong hail. The Skopje valley is affected by an unstable cloud mass causing rains, thunder and hail. It is moving toward the east and the valley of Kumanovo, the...

Macedonia 02.08.20 | 14:17

Ten illegal migrants stopped near the border with Serbia

Ten illegal migrants were found in a car near the village of Vaksince near Kumanovo, on the border with Serbia. The group included people from Pakistan, Syria and Bangladesh. The driver fled once he spotted the police. Vaksince is one of the main centers for illegal transit over the border into Serbia....

Macedonia 29.07.20 | 14:30

Plans to increase coronavirus testing capacity and to add two field hospitals

Doctor Zarko Karadzovski, the head of the Committee on infectious diseases, said that the Healthcare Ministry is working to greatly increase the capacity for coronavirus testing. Karadzovski said that there are currently 11 institutes that conduct the tests, and that three more will be added, leading...

Macedonia 06.07.20 | 15:22

Misajlovski in Kumanovo: Renewal needed in all segments

The head of VMRO DPMNE’s list in the 2nd electoral district, Vlado Misajlovski and other candidates in the district met Monday with the people of the village of Ljubodrag in Kumanovo, where they presented the Coalition’s projects. Misajlovski stressed that citizens are constantly telling...

Macedonia 03.07.20 | 11:54

Worker dies in a quarry accident near Kumanovo

A worker in a quarry in the village of Sopot, near Kumanovo, has died yesterday evening. The worker, P.S. (57) was driving a large Merdeces truck through the quarry, when it overturned into an abyss. The driver was killed on the spot.

Macedonia 29.06.20 | 10:31

Zaev tries to act patriotic in the dispute over Goce Delcev, but quickly makes a new gaffe

SDSM leader Zoran Zaev’s latest campaign gaffe involved a frequent target of his – legendary VMRO leader Goce Delcev. Zaev is involved in protracted negotiations with Bulgaria, and is moving toward agreeing with the Bulgarian position that Goce Delcev was in fact a Bulgarian hero. Yesterday...

Macedonia 27.06.20 | 15:49

Misajlovski in Kumanovo: We dedicated to projects and renewal of Macedonia while SDSM steals and continues with bribery and corruption

The head of VMRO-DPMNE’s list in the second electoral district Vlado Misajlovski paid Saturday a visit to Kumanovo where he presented the party program with over 1,000 projects for the next four years. VMRO-DPMNE is different from all parties in Macedonia, we are dedicated to projects, to...