Newly appointed Justice Minister Krenar Loga is announcing the possibility that the group of Albanian terrorists who attacked the city of Kumanovo in 2015 are sent to serve their sentences in Kosovo. The group is imprisoned after they killed eight Macedonian special forces members in the two days long battle on the outskirts of Kumanovo, which happened at the height of the Colored Revolution.

Macedonian police killed 10 members of the well armed terrorist gang that came to Kumanovo from near-by Kosovo, and arrested the remaining 29 members, who were all given long prison terms and are considered a serious security risk.

In an interview with Radio Free Europe, Loga said that he is negotiating sending 13 of the group members to Kosovo, where they would likely be welcomed as heroes and not treated as dangerous prisoners. Kosovo organized heroic funerals for the 10 killed terrorists. Ethnic Albanian parties in Macedonia are supportive of “reexamining” the case, with the goal of releasing the terrorists.