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Balkans 27.06.19 | 11:08

Temelko in the race for mayor of Pustec for the fourth time

The candidate for mayor of the municipality of Pustec from the Macedonian Alliance for European Integration (MAEI), Edmond Temelko, as part of the election campaign, is holding meetings with the residents of Leska, Zrnosko, Globocani, Dolna and Gorna Gorica and other settlements. In the local elections...

Macedonia 05.05.19 | 14:42

11,450 citizens voted in local elections in Ohrid until 13 h, 2,743 in Novo Selo

In the mayoral elections, 99.08% of data from polling stations were processed. In Novo Selo, 2743 voters or 24.14 % of the registered voters cast their votes until 13h. In Ohrid, 11450 voters or 21.91 percent.

Macedonia 22.04.19 | 16:14

Miloshevski: People are fed up with lies, “Beautiful City” option wins in the second round

The candidate for mayor of VMRO DPMNE dr Mitre Miloshevski, who will run in the second round of extraordinary local elections for mayor in Ohrid together with SDSM candidate Konstantin Georgieski, believes that the difference in votes between these two options from the first round can be compensated...

Macedonia 21.04.19 | 23:07

Mayor of Novo Selo to be elected in the second round

At Sunday’s early elections for mayor of Novo Selo, none of the two candidates, Nikola Andonov from SDSM and Nikolco Stoilkov from VMRO DPMNE, did obtain the required number of votes. Namely, according to data from the headquarters of the two candidates, there is a big number of invalid ballots...

Macedonia 22.03.19 | 13:09

Five candidates in the race for the mayor’s office in Ohrid

Five candidates have submitted applications for the mayor’s office in Ohrid in the early elections to be held on April 21. These are Mihail Trendafilov – Nance from the Civic Democratic Union, Mitre Milososki from VMRO-DPMNE, Konstantin Georgieski from SDSM, Stevce Stevoski as a candidate...

Macedonia 15.03.19 | 12:42

Alliance of Albanians nominates Agoli for Mayor of Debar

The Alliance of Albanians nominated doctor Arben Agoli as its candidate for Mayor of Debar, the position left vacant after the death of Mayor Ruzdi Lata from the DUI party. This election, along with the elections in Ohrid and Novo Selo, will be held along with the presidential elections on April 21st...

Macedonia 06.02.19 | 13:42

Egyptian rights activists claims SDSM is pressuring him not to run for Mayor of Ohrid

Egyptian minority activist Demir Dalip claims that he is receiving threats from the ruling SDSM party which wants him to give up on his bid for Mayor at the upcoming local elections. Ohrid is voting for a new Mayor in April after SDSM’s Jovan Stojanovski died unexpectedly in December. Several local...

World 02.01.19 | 10:07

Mexican mayor gunned down after being sworn in

The governor of Mexico’s southern state of Oaxaca is condemning the slaying of a local mayor shortly after he took office, AP reports. Gov. Alejandro Murat confirmed the killing of Tlaxiaco Mayor Alejandro Aparicio Santiago via his Twitter account Tuesday. He promised a thorough investigation and said...