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Macedonia 15.05.20 | 14:54

Stoilkovski: Nina Angelovska asks for donations for the budget, while her NGO takes money from the Innovation Fund

The non-governmental organization of the Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska received money from the Innovation Fund in the midst of the epidemic. Instead of worrying about dealing with the crisis and the budget hole, and after the lies about a full and liquid budget, she cares how her SDSM associates...

Economy 09.04.20 | 09:43

Angelovska announced that the salaries of the administration employees will still be reduced

In conditions when the working hours of the administration are from 8 am to 2 pm and when the employees go to work every second day, the Minister of Economy, Nina Angelovska, thinks that the salaries of the administration employees should be reduced. Asked on the “Economski magazin” show...

Macedonia 18.02.20 | 15:15

Finance Minister Angelovska is hiding public spending records from her deputy

Interim Deputy Finance Minister Gordana Dimitrieska – Kocoska called out the interim Finance Minister Nina Angelovska for hiding the records showing how many public sector employees were added to the rolls since it was agreed to hold early elections on April 12. Dimitriska, who is nominated by...

Economy 09.01.20 | 13:16

Angelovska denies forbidding communication with Dimitrieska-Kocoska

Finance Minister Nina Angelovska denies that she has forbidden communication with the additional Deputy Minister of Finance Gordana Dimitrieska-Kocoska. The Finance Ministry issued a denial. It says there is no forbidden communication, explaining that it is part of the working procedures.

Economy 08.01.20 | 16:57

Dear employees, you have an honest colleague in me: Soon it will be known what the government wants to hide

Additional Deputy Minister Gordana Dimitrieska-Kocoska responded to the scandalous letter to the employees at the Ministry of Finance by Minister Nina Angelovska, forbidding them to communicate with the Additional Deputy Minister. The forbidding of communication only confirms the fear of revealing the...

Economy 08.01.20 | 10:44

Angelovska forbids Finance Ministry employees to communicate with additional deputy minister Dimitrieska-Kocoska

Scandalous letter to the employees at the Finance Ministry by Minister Nina Angelovska forbidding them from communicating with additional Deputy Minister Gordana Dimitrieska-Kocoska. The letter was sent early in the morning after Dimitrieska-Kocoska took office, after she was voted in Parliament as a...

Economy 12.11.19 | 12:21

2020 budget amounts to 3.9 billion euros

The 2020 budget will amount to 3.615 billion euros, and the focus will be on human capital, better healthcare, education and social system and strong support for real sector growth. Fifty-six percent of total budget spending will go to areas that rely on human capital. This is the proposal that received...

Economy 11.11.19 | 21:37

FinMin Angelovska presents 2020 draft budget, investments the main focus

The 2020 draft budget will focus on investments in human capital, i.e. a better health, education and social system, as well as strong support to growth of the real sector, Finance Minister Nina Angelovska said Monday, presenting the 2020 draft budget to the business community, NGO sector, trade union...

Economy 06.11.19 | 12:54

Angelovska: Progressive tax is not scrapped, but put on hold

Progressive tax is not scrapped, but put on hold. Efforts in the coming period will be focused on designing an optimal solution, a fair, efficient and comprehensive one, Finance Minister Nina Angelovska told the public broadcasting service. She also said that the Government’s decision shows sobriety...

Economy 03.11.19 | 22:10

Nina Angelovska’s company illegally organized prize games

A document from whistleblowers from the Ministry of Finance contains data that Minister Nina Angelovska herself embezzled money through her company “Grouper” by illegally organizing a prize game, Ekonomski Lider said.

Economy 22.09.19 | 15:39

UN selects Finance Minister Angelovska as one of seven women digital entrepreneurs in the world

Finance Minister Nina Angelovska is one of the seven “super” women digital entrepreneurs in the world, selected by the UN as eTrade for Women Advocates. Angelovska will be unveiled on the margins of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly in New York. It is an exceptional and unique recognition...

Economy 31.08.19 | 22:19

Nina Angelovska voted new finance minister

Parliament at a session Saturday elected Nina Angelovska as the new finance minister with 64 MPs voting in favor and 18 against, and with 62 votes in favor and 21 against elected Hisen Xhemaili as minister without portfolio in charge of improving the investment climate.  

Macedonia 31.08.19 | 13:27

Nina ‘Grouper’ and Cvetanka Laskova’s daughter-in-law involved in € 300,000 Innovation Fund scandal

Nina Angelovska, the new candidate for finance minister in the government of Zoran Zaev, was part of the scandal with the allocation of funds through the Innovation Fund to companies founded by party people close to SDSM, the Svedok news portal reported. Nina ‘Grouper’ is the founder of Decodix,...

Economy 23.08.19 | 09:37

Angelovska: I will do my utmost in managing citizens’ money

After nearly 10 years of domestic and international experience and significant international recognition of my hard work and contribution, I am honored that my knowledge, potential and enthusiasm for change have been recognized to be engaged in our country’s progress. And the honor is even greater...

Economy 20.08.19 | 21:09

Nina Angelovska new Finance Minister?

The government cabinet will undergo changes, the Finance Ministry will get a new minister. As Alsat unofficially learned, three women are running for the ministerial post, Nina Angelovska, Tatjana Sterjova and governor Anita Bezhovska Angelovska. Since the dismissal of Dragan Tevdovski in June, the Ministry...