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World 28.09.21 | 18:11

Hungary rejects criticism from Ukraine after it secured a new gas supply agreement

Hungary rebuffed criticism from Ukraine, whose authorities criticized the newly reached agreement for gas deliveries with the Russian Gazprom company, that will have the option to by-pass Ukraine. Gazprom developed a pipeline through Bulgaria and Serbia, who are linked to the TurkStream line. It’s...

Macedonia 23.08.21 | 16:46

Osmani: Macedonia supports Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity

Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani took part on Monday in the inaugural Crimea Platform Summit taking place in Kyiv, Ukraine. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the event was attended by more than forty countries at the highest level, including many EU and NATO member states, as well...

Macedonia Sport 17.06.21 | 17:03

Macedonia loses 1:2 to Ukraine in another well fought game

Macedonia lost its second European Championship game, losing 2:1 to Ukraine. The national team had another solid showing against a superior opponent, and had Ukraine on the ropes for a good portion of the second half, after receiving two goals in the first half. The goal for Macedonia came from a penalty...

Macedonia Sport 17.06.21 | 15:58

Macedonia is down 2:0 against Ukraine at half-time

Macedonia is losing 2:0 to Ukraine at the halftime of its second European Championship game. Ukraine is dominant, and was easily creating chances, with Stole Dimitrievski forced to work overtime on the goal-line, with kicks from afar and from close. The goals came within five minutes, in the 29th and...

Macedonia Sport 17.06.21 | 12:04

Macedonia prepares to face Ukraine

Macedonian players and fans are preparing for the second European Championship game today, against Ukraine. Thousands of Macedonian fans are in Bucharest, in great spirits and in festive mood, often partying together with the Ukrainian fans. Macedonia lost its first game against Austria 1:3 but the...

Macedonia Sport 13.06.21 | 21:36

Coach Angelovski: We begin preparations for the match against Ukraine

Macedonian football team coach Igor Angelovski said that the key turning point in the game against Austria was when Macedonia failed to score through Nikolov when the result was tied. We them conceded a goal and that was the key. I told my players to keep their heads up, we go on. We begin to prepare...

Macedonia 21.04.21 | 13:15

Hitmen who tried to kill Zvicer were paid 600,000 EUR

Serbian media are reporting on the attempted assassination of mafia boss Radoje Zvicer in Odessa, Ukraine in May 2020. One of the hitmen sent to kill Zvicer was a Serbian man who was given a Macedonian passport, which is now part of a growing investigation into how the Interior Ministry was selling passports...

Handball 10.01.20 | 23:14

Kire Lazarov scores winning goal at the last second in match against Ukraine

Macedonia beat Ukraine in the European Championship at the last second. Nikola Mitrevski with remarkable 14 saves is the hero of the Macedonian national team, along with the captain Kire Lazarov, who scored the winning goal.

World 02.12.19 | 10:14

Ukrainian lawmaker’s son killed in attack in Kiev

Unknown gunmen opened fire at the car of a local lawmaker in the center of Ukrainian capital of Kiev on Sunday, killing his three-year old son, a police source said, Reuters reports. Vyacheslav Sobolev, a businessman and Kiev regional council lawmaker was at wheel of the car when it was attacked, said...

World 30.10.19 | 20:51

V4: Hungary vetoes Ukraine’s NATO membership candidacy

Hungary refused to sign a NATO Ambassadors’ joint statement on Ukraine’s candidacy for NATO membership on Wednesday. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto stated: “Hungary won’t surrender the Transcarpathian Hungarian community to geopolitics,” V4 news agency reports. Hungary...

World 20.09.19 | 15:42

V4: Russia to deliver gas to Bulgaria and Hungary bypassing Ukraine

Bulgaria continues to buy Russian gas, but the country wants to bypass Ukraine in the future. Hungary is also looking for alternative solutions to the Ukrainian gas transit through the future Russian gas pipeline running towards Turkey, the V4 news agency reports. The Bulgarian state gas operator has...

Macedonia 12.07.19 | 16:51

Ukrainian Ambassador: We learned about Zaev’s conversations with “Poroshenko” from the papers

Ukrainian Ambassador to Macedonia, Natalia Zadorozhnyuk, said Friday that they were not informed about Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s communication with Russian comedians who posed as former President Petro Poroshenko. I am in the Republic of North Macedonia, I read the papers, and like everyone I...

World 05.07.19 | 18:21

Ukraine summons Hungarian Ambassador over Minister Szijjarto’s comments

On 4 July, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Hungarian ambassador Istvan Ijgyarto, demanding an explanation for Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto’s statements in Toronto, wrote the Ukrainian news portal gordonua.com. The statement of the Hungarian Minister for Foreign Affairs that former...

World 04.02.19 | 09:44

Ally of President Poroshenko declared head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Metropolitan Epiphanius I was enthroned in Kyiv Sunday as head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, two months after its declaration of independence was recognized by Istanbul-based Patriarch Batholomew I. The inauguration, broadcast on Ukrainian television, was described by President Petro Poroshenko,...

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