Monday, 30 March 2020
Macedonia 30.03.20 | 21:48

What kind of solidarity is it when you cut from the workers, Jovanovic asks Zaev

Former Finance Ministry adviser and a left wing activist of the ruling SDSM party Branimir Jovanovic condemned the highly controversial proposal from party leader Zoran Zaev to cut public sector salaries in an attempt to reduce the hole in the budget. Zaev wants the public administration placed on the...

World 30.03.20 | 21:34

Germany plans 50 billion EUR in stimulus for small companies

Germany has announced a stimulus package worth 50 billion EUR to help its small businesses, including the hard hit hospitality industry. The money is aimed at individual entrepreneurs and small employers who are decimated by the virus and will be allocated through the German states. Over the next three...

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 21:27

The peak is expected in April – unions calls for a long Easter break

After Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce announced that he expects the coronavirus to peak in a month, around Easter (April 19), the KSSM union called that most of the month is declared a holiday. Many industries have shut down but some are still operating and their employees are forced to commute to...

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 21:19

Macedonian Government asks NATO for help in the fight against the coronavirus

The same day Macedonia officially joined NATO, the Government appealed to the alliance for help to fight the coronavirus. The Government informed the public that it held a meeting of its main coordinating committee for the epidemic, and one of he conclusions is to ask NATO to activate its EADRCC mechanisms...

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 20:33

79-year-old patient from Debar dies, 26 new Covid-19 cases registered

The Health Ministry informed that a 79-year-old patient from Debar passed away this morning at the Skopje-based Clinic of Infectious Diseases. The patient tested positive a week ago but his condition deteriorated and was hospitalized on March 25. Nine patients (eight from Skopje and one from Debar) have...

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 19:02

The Durlovski family encourages people to stay at home with a song

The Durlovski family called on the public to stay at home and with that contribute to the fight against the coronavirus with a joint rendition of a classic song “Na Struga Dukan Da Imam”. Opera singers Ana and Igor Durlovski, with their three children performed the song from home, with the...

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 18:57

Ten people tested positive for the virus in the Kozle clinic in Skopje

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce confirmed that eight employees and two patients at the Kozle clinic in Skopje most frequently used for post-surgery rehabilitation have tested positive for the coronavirus. The clinic is now closed and all its patients are forwarded to the 8th of September clinic. The...

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 18:50

Pendarovski will convene the Security Council tomorrow

Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski will hold a new meeting of the Security Council tomorrow, to discuss the coronavirus epidemic. Pendarovski will expand the Council to include top healthcare, economic and monetary officials.

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 18:43

VMRO-DPMNE congratulates to the citizens on Macedonia’s NATO accession, notes their sense of humiliation and need for change

VMRO-DPMNE issued a message congratulating the public on Macedonia’s official admission to NATO. This is the result of the extensive efforts of many previous generations. NATO represents our joint defense and an organization through which Macedonia will be able to realize its strategic. It is a...

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 18:22

Zaev’s proposal to drastically cut public sector wages will be raised before the Government tomorrow

The SDSM led Government will discuss the proposal from SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev to reduce public sector salaries down to the minimum wage tomorrow. Zaev insists that the much criticized proposal that would be applied for two months is the only way to plug the gaping hole in the budget caused by the...

Economy 30.03.20 | 18:03

Will the economic downturn affect retirement incomes?

As most countries affected by the coronavirus pandemic are looking for ways to boost spending and maintain as much of the living standards of the citizens as possible, under SDSM Macedonia is apparently opting for a different route. SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev announced that he will call for a major...

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 17:33

When it comes to cutting party funding, SDSM won’t take “yes” for an answer, keeps up a smear campaign against VMRO-DPMNE

VMRO-DPMNE gave up on the public funding that is shared between political parties, and rejects the on-going public relations campaign led by the ruling SDSM party, said party spokesman Naum Stoilkovski. The bigger parties are entitled to share more than four million EUR between themselves. For days,...

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 17:20

Bitola: 20 citizens fined 2.000 EUR for curfew violations

Bitola prosecutors are going after 20 citizens who violated orders linked with the coronavirus epidemic. The violations are mostly linked with the curfew and they wil be fined with 2.000 EUR each.

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 17:09

Death of a woman in Struga investigated after fears over the coronavirus grow

A woman from Labuniste died in the Struga hospital yesterday afternoon. Doctors are now investigating if the coronavirus contributed to her death, besides the other health issues she had. Labuniste is a major emigrant area where many citizens have relatives who work in Italy. A woman from the near-by...

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 17:05

No mention of the nation that is joining NATO from Oliver Spasovski

Not a mention of the Macedonian nation from interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski as he was congratulating the country (“North” Macedonia, as he said) on joining NATO on the day when the Macedonian flag was raised in Brussels. Spasovski spoke about “fellow citizens” who should...

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 15:55

Macedonia’s flag raised at NATO headquarters in Brussels

A flag-raising ceremony to mark the accession of the Republic of Macedonia to NATO took place at NATO Headquarters in Brussels on Monday afternoon. The anthem of the Republic of Macedonia was played during the flag raising. Before the solemn flag-raising ceremony, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg...

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 15:09

Health workers, regardless of party or ethnic affiliation, are key to successful fight against coronavirus

Health workers in these difficult days are the key to a successful fight against the coronavirus, so they all need to be engaged in the whole process, regardless of their party or ethnic affiliation, we have a common enemy, and that is the pandemic and the economic cataclysm that awaits us. We have to...

World 30.03.20 | 14:32

Why did ECDC hinder EU’s coronavirus response?

It’s important to raise this question, because some international organisations had rung the alarm bells much sooner. So then, what was the ECDC’s motivation in underestimating the risks of the coronavirus pandemic? Was it simply a lack of competence?, the V4 news agency writes. Member states...

Economy 30.03.20 | 14:25

The government is doing a “salto mortale” in the economy

The government is doing a “salto mortale” in the economy, says Hristijan Mickoski, leader of VMRO-DPMNE. During an interview with the “Triling” show, he said that the citizens were left on their own. Citizens are left on their own. The government is adopting unsustainable policies....

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 12:47

Other countries take care of their own citizens, while in our country the government does not cover anything, citizens pay for their transport themselves

The government is committing a crime amid a pandemic and wants to profit from the transport of our fellow citizens from abroad to Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release. Our citizens who come from abroad, unlike people from other countries who take care of their own citizens, pay for their own...