After Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce announced that he expects the coronavirus to peak in a month, around Easter (April 19), the KSSM union called that most of the month is declared a holiday.
Many industries have shut down but some are still operating and their employees are forced to commute to and from work and mix with potentially infected co-workers.

Declaring a holiday between April 4 and April 20 would not be a major disturbance given that many of the days are already public holidays due to Easter, but it would help 180.000 workers who are endangered, KSSM said.

According to Filipce, projections imply that the social distancing and curfew measures have helped reduce the spread of the virus, but that April will be critical.

I sincerely hope that our measures will bring results and we will not have an exponential increase in the number of patients, but just a linear one, and then a gradual decline, Filipce said today.