Tuesday, 14 July 2020
Macedonia 14.07.20 | 22:25

A Deputy Prime Minister in the Government broke the election silence, posted an interview with foreign media on Facebook

A Deputy Prime Minister in the Government, coming from the ranks of a political party participating in the parliamentary elections, posted Tuesday on Facebook a video from an interview with a foreign media, in which he talks about topics related to the elections and the new government after them, “360...

Macedonia 14.07.20 | 21:09

Amid election silence, alleys in Leskoec are being paved in an attempt to gather votes

Day before election day and in the midst of election silence, smaller alleys on “Rasanec” street in Leskoec are being paved, Ohrid24 reported. Unlike these freshly paved alleys, the alleys across and slightly below, where residents did not promise to vote for a certain party, are unpaved.

Balkans 14.07.20 | 20:46

Turkey allows visitors to Hagia Sophia outside prayers, icons remain

Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia will open to visitors outside Muslim prayers, and Christian symbols and mosaics can remain in the building, Turkey’s religious authority Diyanet said on Tuesday. Christian icons at the UNESCO World Heritage site could be covered by curtains or obscured using lighting,...

Macedonia 14.07.20 | 19:24

SEC: 7,170 persons voted by 3 pm

On the second day of voting at the early parliamentary elections, 7,170 persons voted by 3 pm, said State Election Commission (SEC) president Oliver Derkovski on Tuesday. The homebound and infirm (8,852), inmates (1,657), internally displaced persons (6), and persons in retirement homes (357) vote today. Although...

Health 14.07.20 | 18:05

135 new COVID-19 cases, 4 die

Of 1,259 tests conducted in the past 24 hours, 135 new COVID-19 cases were registered in Macedonia, including 76 in the capital Skopje. New cases were also registered in Kumanovo (6), Debar (2), Stip (6), Prilep (1), Tetvo (13), Struga (7), Bitola (3), Ohrid (1), Kavadarci (1), Gostivar (10), Gevgelija...

Macedonia 14.07.20 | 17:40

The candidate for Prime Minister is not infected with Covid-19

The candidate for Prime Minister of a political party, for whom the media reported to be positive for Covid-19, recently informed on Facebook that he was not infected with the coronavirus.

World 14.07.20 | 17:22

Austria bans flights from Balkans to avoid imported virus cases

Austria on Tuesday said it was suspending passenger flights from most Balkan countries, Moldova and Egypt to lower the risk of travellers infected with coronavirus entering the country. The measure will take effect from Thursday, the Health Ministry said. The move comes on top of the travel warnings...

Economy 14.07.20 | 17:02

June production orders in manufacturing industry less favourable compared to May

The managers of the business entities assessed that the confidence indicator in manufacturing industry in June 2020, standing at 12.2, is 0.8 percentage points lower compared to May 2020 and 9.1 percentage points lower compared to June 2019, the State Statistical Office data show. The situation with...

Life 14.07.20 | 16:33

July 15, non-working day for all citizens due to elections

In line with the conclusion adopted at the government’s 74th session, July 15 has been declared a state holiday to hold early parliamentary election and employees will not be required to work extra hours as a result, the government said in a press release on Tuesday. Institutions, enterprises and organizations...

Macedonia 14.07.20 | 15:59

Interior Minister Culev says that the police intercepted several attempts to violate the conduct of the elections

Interior Minister Nake Culev said that the police intercepted a number of attempts to violate the free and fair conduct of the elections, and said that this practice will continue into the main day of voting on Wednesday. All violators will be punished, Culev said, warning that breaking the electoral...

Macedonia 14.07.20 | 15:40

Censored song reaches over 150.000 views

“Nalej nalej”, the song dedicated to the Macedonian national liberation struggle, was viewed over 150.000 times since yesterday, when a version of the song prepared for the censored “Macedonia” show was released. Song from a banned TV series floods the social media The song...

Economy 14.07.20 | 15:18

Industrial revenue has collapsed by 36.6 percent in May

Industrial revenue has dropped by 36.6 percent in May 2020, compared to May 2019, and by 19.8 percent for the period of January to May. The State Statistics Bureau informed that the collapse is noticeable across all industries, but especially in the production of capital goods. The bureau also found...

World 14.07.20 | 14:56

V4: Orban meets Portuguese PM Costa to discuss the EU budget

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban met with the Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa to discuss their positions on the burning issue of the EU budget, and the coronavirus relief package. Portugália miniszterelnökével, az uniós költségvetési tárgyalás előtt // Meeting with...

Macedonia 14.07.20 | 14:49

Telma and Alsat-M TV violated the election silence

The AVMU media regulator found that two TV stations – Telma and Alsat-M – violated the election silence rules. Both aired programs featuring prominent participants in the election campaign. AVMU publicly called out these two channels, and other media outlets, to observe the ban, which is...

Macedonia 14.07.20 | 14:04

A candidate for Prime Minister reportedly tested positive to the coronavirus

Vecer.mk reports that one of the candidates for Prime Minister at the coming elections tested positive to the coronavirus. Due to the election silence rules Republika is not publishing his name. The candidate was campaigning actively during the elections and had frequent meetings with politicians and...

Macedonia 14.07.20 | 13:29

Mayor charged with buying votes, police has received an arrest order and is searching for him

Police are searching for the Mayor of a rural municipality in the south-east of Macedonia who is suspected of bribing voters in the run up to the elections. Because of the electoral silence rules, Republika is not publishing the name of the Mayor and his party affiliation. State prosecutors have already...

Macedonia 14.07.20 | 13:05

State Electoral Commission head speaks out against the campaign to spoil the ballots

Oliver Derkoski, head of the State Electoral Commission, warned the voters not to scribble comments on the ballots or cross out the word “North” from the imposed name of the country. Activists and supporters of a ruling party which imposed the name change have been sharing ostensibly “patriotic”...

Macedonia 14.07.20 | 12:56

SEC warns about fake reports of the early voting results

After a number of social media commentators shared alleged results from the first day of voting, the State Electoral Commission said that all such posts are bogus and that the votes remain uncounted and in storage. About 700 voters who were diagnosed with Covid-19 were eligible to vote on Monday, with...

Macedonia 14.07.20 | 12:46

State prosecutors say they will prioritize cases of election violations

State prosecutors said that they are in coordination with the State Electoral Commission and will fire charges in any instanced of voter intimidation or other irregularities. Crimes linked with the elections receive priority treatment and will be forwarded to the appropriate local prosecutors. The State...

Macedonia 14.07.20 | 12:32

Election tampering in Veles as citizens report receiving irregular welfare payments

Citizens from Veles are reporting a case of election violations, as several hundred families who are welfare recipients received additional 2.000 denars via mail today. The move comes directly ahead of the early general elections, when irregular distribution of subsidies, aid and welfare payments is...