The managers of the business entities assessed that the confidence indicator in manufacturing industry in June 2020, standing at 12.2, is 0.8 percentage points lower compared to May 2020 and 9.1 percentage points lower compared to June 2019, the State Statistical Office data show.

The situation with the current volume of production orders in June 2020 is less favourable compared to the previous month, the expectations for the production volume for the next three months are also less favourable, and the stocks of finish goods have decreased.

The estimation of the economic situation is less satisfactory compared to the previous month, as well as compared to June 2019. The number of employees is expected to increase.

The average capacity utilization level of the business entities in June 2020 decreased to 65.5% of normal utilization.

The factors that had the greatest influence on limiting the production volume in June 2020 were: insufficient foreign demand with 20.6%, shortage of skilled labour with 17.0%, uncertainty of the economic environment with 16.5% and insufficient domestic demand with 13.1%.