Thursday, 29 October 2020
Macedonia 29.10.20 | 23:21

Doctors at a key Covid-19 clinic want the manager removed after his refusal to separate infected from non-infected children

Doctors from the Kozle clinic in Skopje, which is one of the front-line Covid-19 centers in the capital, demand that the Ministry removes the clinic manager Angelco Andonovski, after a lengthy period of discrimination, abuse and incompetence. In an unprecedented open letter shared with the public, the...

World 29.10.20 | 23:10

Trump – Orban cooperation elevated relations between Hungary and the US

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban came out with a rare endorsement of US President Donald Trump who faces a re-election battle next week. During a ceremony on which he awarded US Ambassador to Hungary David Cornstein with a medal, Orban said that he is hoping for Trump’s re-election, and also...

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 21:41

Huge air pollution levels expected to exacerbate the Covid-19 crisis

Growing levels of air pollution are about to add to the dramatic spike in coronavirus cases, warned Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce. Macedonian cities, where most of the households use wood and coal for heating, suffer from chronic levels of air pollution each winter, and Filipce said that the PM10...

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 21:23

Financial police announces charges against EU educational grants manager Lidija Dimova for abuses amounting over 400,000 EUR

The financial police revealed it is filing criminal charges against Lidija Dimova, the SDSM party activist who was appointed head of the agency tasked with managing EU educational funds and programs in Macedonia. Dimova is charged along with two associates, one of them also a leftist SDSM party activist,...

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 21:17

Through protests in several cities VMRO demands that pregnant women are excused from work during the period of dramatic air pollution

The opposition VMRO-DPMNE party held protest rallies through several cities in Macedonia as the air pollution crisis begins to worsen. Protesters gathered in Skopje, Bitola, Strumica, Tetovo and Kumanovo, which are among the worst affected cities in Macedonia. The party demanded that pregnant women...

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 19:51

Corona report: 14 deaths and very high 862 new cases reported

The daily coronavirus report today was similar to the exceptionally bad results published yesterday – near record setting 862 newly infected patients and 14 deaths which show that the spike continues to hold strong. The deceased patients were aged 35 to 90, and were from Skopje (5), Strumica (2),...

Macedonia Economy 29.10.20 | 17:47

Three quarters of savers of the failed Eurostandard Bank have recovered their deposits

Depositors of the bankrupt Eurostandard Bank collected nearly 50 million EUR so far, which is three quarters of the total amount that will be distributed. The bank, owned by oligarch Trifun Kostovski, collapsed earlier this year after years of mismanagement and, according to Kostovski, deliberately approved...

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 17:41

Man from Prilep charged with abusing his daughter

A 50 year old man from Prilep is charged with abusing his own daughter. According to the state prosecutors, the torment lasted over three years. The man is charged with neglect, and having sexual acts in front of his daughter.

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 17:05

Former Prime Minister Buckovski agrees with Bulgaria on their “shared history” position

In an interview with a Bulgarian TV station, former Macedonian Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski agreed with the Bulgarian position that the two countries share a common history and praised his SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev for his 2017 treaty with Bulgaria. In the past three years there has been a dramatic...

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 16:49

Zaev denies Politico report of a new deal with Bulgaria

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev pleaded ignorance of the latest Politico report, according to which he has agreed to accept the Bulgarian positions on the key Macedonian national identity positions, in order to open the EU accession talks. Zaev evoked the Prespa treaty he signed with Greece, insisting that...

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 16:37

Public healthcare managers try to find enough rooms and doctors for the growing number of Covid-19 patients

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce said that the “8th of September” hospital and clinics in the “Mother Teresa” center in Skopje are repurposing wards for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. The Infectious Diseases Clinic, which is part of the large “Mother Teresa”...

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 15:39

Pendarovski: No curfew will be introduced for now

At the moment, we are not considering a curfew in the form we had in the spring, said President Stevo Pendarovski after today’s meeting of the Security Council. I see that the issue is becoming more and more present in the public about the lockdown that some countries have announced and that people...

World 29.10.20 | 15:19

Three killed in apparent terrorist attack inside Nice church

Three people were killed in a knife attack in a Nice church on Thursday that investigators are treating as an act of terrorism, French Prime Minister Jean Castex confirmed. Mayor Christian Estrosi said that the attacker was shot and injured by local police who were quickly called to the scene at the...

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 15:12

Protocols on protection against Covid-19 updated

To reflect recent decisions made by the Government, official state protocols on the protection against and prevention of Covid-19 have been updated to include the latest governmental recommendations and regulations concerning a number of sectors. The updated protocols regulate the work of various institutions,...

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 14:31

Pendarovski: Covid-19 situation extremely serious, human and material resources almost exhausted

Following the meeting of the Security Council, President Stevo Pandarovski, urged all citizens to respect all measures against the coronavirus, because the situation, as he said, is extremely serious. The situation is extremely serious, human and material resources are almost exhausted. In the absence...

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 14:17

“Politico”: Zaev will recognize there are Bulgarian foundations of the Macedonian identity and language

Politico Brussels reported this morning that during Wednesday’s meeting of EU ambassadors a compromise was allegedly reached to start the first intergovernmental conference between the EU and Macedonia and that Bulgaria agreed to that “compromise”. As a senior EU diplomat told Politico,...

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 13:58

Spasovski was hospitalized Wednesday due to fever, today he is in stable condition

Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski was admitted to the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions with high fever on Wednesday, but today he is in stable condition, the Interior Ministry informed Thursday.

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 12:33

EUR 50 fine for violators of mandatory self-isolation until getting COVID-19 tests results

Health Ministry said Thursday that mandatory self-isolation when testing for the coronavirus continues upon scheduling the test or until getting the test results, and of course if the test is positive. Violators of this article of the Law will be fined 50 euros.

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 12:27

Ministry of Education plans to introduce entirely new teaching materials

Based on best practices from European countries from Scandinavia to the Balkans, and spurred by parents’, students,’ and teachers’ concerns about current textbooks, the Ministry of Education and Science is planning on introducing entirely new teaching materials in the 2021-22 school year. Current...

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 12:22

The minister who has the situation under control: As the coronavirus ravages the world, Filipce is untouchable

Almost 30 thousand infections and thousand deaths, but even after eight months we hear the same thing from the Macedonian Minister of Health – the situation is under control, and if it is not – the people are to blame. At a time when hospitals have been rapidly filling with Covid-19 patients...