Following the meeting of the Security Council, President Stevo Pandarovski, urged all citizens to respect all measures against the coronavirus, because the situation, as he said, is extremely serious.

The situation is extremely serious, human and material resources are almost exhausted. In the absence of a vaccine or medicine, there is no other alternative, but respecting the measures, wearing face masks, less socializing… Do it for yourself and your loved ones, said Pendarovski.

He stressed that all useful proposals in dealing with Covid-19 will be accepted.

I especially want to emphasize that the whole brain is not gathered neither in the Government, nor in the Ministry of Health, nor in the Commission for Infectious Diseases, therefore any criticism, well-founded proposal, is welcome. All useful ideas and proposals will be accepted, said Pendarovski.

He added that he expects the situation not to be used for political gain, because we are all losers. Pendarovski paid tribute to the medical staff.