The platform of civil society organizations (CSOs) against corruption has urged President Stevo Pendarovski to use his constitutional right to veto and not sign the degree on proclamation of the amendments to the Criminal Code that the Parliament adopted on Wednesday.

The Platform says there are two reasons why President Pendarovski is obliged to use the veto.

The first, it says, is that the changes to Articles 353 and 353-c will result in the expiration of the statute of limitations in many high-profile cases such as Titanic, Target/Fortress, TNT, Titanic 2, Treasury, Talir, Spanish Stairs and Trajectory, as well as others; shatter the belief that fight against corruption is possible and demotivate citizens from reporting corruption; and reduce the preventive function of the criminal justice system.

According to the Platform, the second reason is related to procedural inconsistencies, in which changes in these two articles have been discussed in expedited procedure, although they do not fall under the section of alignment with European law.