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Wednesday, 5 May 2021
Balkans 05.05.21 | 22:27

Albania lifts quarantine requirements for travelers from Macedonia

The technical committee of experts in charge of dealing with the pandemic this afternoon revoked the decision for mandatory two-week quarantine for all persons entering Albania from Macedonia and Greece, MIA’s correspondent in Tirana reported.

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 21:41

The most responsible persons for the corona crisis in Macedonia take commissions for vaccine procurement, their greed costs lives

While the countries in the region conduct mass vaccination, the most responsible persons for the corona crisis in Macedonia are taking commissions for the procurement of vaccines, the vice president of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski wrote on Facebook. Greed and their corrupt intentions cost 5,000 lives....

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 21:00

Prof. Kotlar-Trajkova: Authorities in Macedonia shouldn’t have allowed May 4 to remain unmarked

Prof. Natasa Kotlar-Trajkova spoke on the “Sto ne e jasno” show about the relations between Macedonia and Bulgaria, the denial of the character and work of Goce Delcev, as well as the government concessions regarding the national identity and the protection of the Macedonian interests. Kotlar...

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 19:38

Dimitrov: EU to show it is serious about enlargement

A message must be sent to the people that the European perspective of the Western Balkans is clear, predictable and attainable, and that the EU is serious about enlargement, said Deputy PM for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov during Wednesday’s meeting with Austrian Member of European Parliament (MEP)...

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 19:02

Nikoloski and Gjorcev attend online conference organized by the CDU/CSU parliamentary group

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski and International Secretary and EC member Vladimir Gjorcev attended an online conference organized by the CDU/CSU parliamentary group. The conference focused on strengthening cooperation between Europe and the United States and views were presented on the...

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 18:16

Mickoski: There will be accountability for the “Mafia” affair immediately after the change of government

Hristijan Mickoski, the leader of VMRO DPMNE announces that there will be accountability for the “Mafia” affair that he revealed, immediately after the change of government. When I revealed the Mafia affair, Spasovski and Zaev said that I had committed sabotage. Today, when over 200 criminals...

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 17:44

Mickoski: Macedonian identity not up for negotiation

The Macedonian identity is not up for negotiation. This is the clear position of the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski on the dispute with Bulgaria and on what can be expected in the coming period in a situation when the country is facing difficulties to form a government. He says that in the...

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 17:20

24 die, including a 32-year-old patient, 323 new Covid-19 cases registered

Out of 2,928 COVID-19 tests carried out in Macedonia in the past 24 hours, 323 new cases were registered, 714 patients recovered and 24 died, the Health Ministry said on Wednesday. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Macedonia has registered 153,137 confirmed coronavirus cases, while 135,367 people have...

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 17:16

VMRO-DPMNE to hand over the cases of “Silegov’s firefighting ladder truck” and “Filipce’s Chinese vaccines” to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Anti-Corruption Commission

The leader of VMRO-DPMNE announced that they will hand over the documents from the cases in relation to the procurement of firefighting ladder truck by the City of Skopje and the procurement of Chinese vaccines through an intermediary company from Hong Kong. However, he notes that they have no expectations...

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 15:26

“The April 27th defendants should be held accountable for what they did, but not for crimes they didn’t commit”

The defendants from April 27th should be held accountable for what they did, but not for crimes they didn’t commit, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski, announcing that he will meet with President Stevo Pendarovski on Friday to discuss their position. We are not asking for mercy or for...

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 15:20

Half of those registered to get vaccinated on Tuesday did not show up

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce protested the fact that only about half of the citizens who scheduled a coronavirus vaccination actually show up. Macedonia lagged badly in procuring vaccines, but now, after the arrival of 200,000 Sinopharm doses, it is finally able to start vaccinating up to 10,000...

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 14:40

VMRO-DPMNE claims Mayor Silegov’s firefighting truck contract is corrupt to the tune of half a million EUR

The firefighting ladder truck purchased by the city of Skopje for 1.7 million EUR does not come with any additional equipment, as Mayor Petre Silegov claimed. Silegov tried to explain the revelations that he paid twice what the city of Zagreb paid for the same piece of equipment, purchased in Hungary. VMRO-DPMNE...

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 13:38

Mafia passports scandal: Half of the defendants pleaded guilty

Four Interior Ministry clerks and one accomplice pleaded guilty in the mafia passports case – the scandal in which it was revealed that the Ministry was massively issuing passports to regional and international criminals and drug lords, with over 200 such passports given in the past several years. The...

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 13:19

Chinese vaccine scandal: Document proves that a shell company was paid 7.8 million USD

VMRO-DPMNE presented a document today proving that the Healthcare Ministry made a payment of 7.8 million USD to a shell company registered in American Samoa, ostensibly for purchasing Sinopharm vaccines from China. The company – Stabri – was set up in 2017, shortly after Zaev grabbed power...

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 13:05

Mickoski will meet with Pendarovski to discuss the fate of the April 27th political prisoners

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski announced that he will meet President Stevo Pendarovski on Friday, and that the main item of discussion will be the fate of the political prisoners detained over the April 27th incident in the Parliament. Mickoski and VMRO-DPMNE joined a major rally a week ago in...

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 12:21

Zaev now insists that Macedonia doesn’t have to join the EU at all cost

With the growing threat that Macedonia will be left out of EU enlargement while Albania is allowed to advance, Zoran Zaev insisted that it is possible to reach a deal with Bulgaria, but added that he doesn’t want entry into the EU “at all cost”. Bulgaria is blocking Macedonia from opening...

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 11:51

Academic Kulavkova, recipient of the Goce Delcev prize, questions Zaev’s policy of negotiating Macedonian history with Bulgaria

Poet and literary critic, academic Katica Kulavkova, is at the center of controversy after she was awarded the Goce Delcev prize. The Zaev regime did not award the prize since 2018, as it was engaged in negotiations with Greece and Bulgaria about rewriting Macedonian history. Bulgaria claims Goce Delcev...

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 11:20

VMRO-DPMNE adds Marija Miteva as new spokeswoman

VMRO-DPMNE announced that it is adding Marija Miteva as its new spokeswoman. The party’s Executive Committee agreed that Miteva will join the party spokesmen Naum Stoilkovski and Dimitar Arsovski.

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 11:17

Zaev dismisses reports he will face challenge from his predecessor Branko Crvenkovski

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev expressed hope that his predecessor Branko Crvenkovski will not form a new party and divide SDSM up ahead of the key October municipal elections. Crvenkovski, who is SDSM founder and former Prime Minister and President, was politically inactive since 2013, but early this year...

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 10:44

Ill-informed citizens turned back from the Delcevo and Strumica crossings with Bulgaria

Over the long Easter weekend dozens of Macedonian citizens were turned back from the border crossings with Bulgaria near Delcevo and Strumica. Bulgaria allows Macedonian citizens in with negative PCR tests, but only allows entry at the Kriva Palanka – Kustendil crossing. Still, much of the public...