A message must be sent to the people that the European perspective of the Western Balkans is clear, predictable and attainable, and that the EU is serious about enlargement, said Deputy PM for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov during Wednesday’s meeting with Austrian Member of European Parliament (MEP) Andreas Schieder, who is also co-chair of the Joint Parliamentary Committee EU-Macedonia.

According to the Secretariat for European Affairs, at the meeting, gratitude was expressed for the continuous and principled support of the European Parliament to the EU enlargement policy with the Western Balkans, with Deputy Prime Minister Dimitrov referring to the EP Resolution on Macedonia reflecting the achieved reforms and the democratic processes of the country and contains the position that bilateral issues should not block the accession process.

Dimitrov stressed that it is urgent to reach a consensus on the negotiating framework and hold the first intergovernmental conference of Macedonia with the EU, in order to consistently implement the decision to start accession negotiations.

We appreciate the efforts of the European Parliament and your personal commitment to the official start of the accession negotiations as soon as possible, a process that must take place in a European spirit, with respect for European values as the basis of the process. Success will mean that the EU implements its decisions and will give impetus to continue reforms and strengthen democratic institutions, not only in Macedonia, but in the entire region. It is necessary to send a message to the citizens that the European perspective of the countries in the region is clear, predictable and achievable and that the EU is serious about the enlargement, said Dimitrov.