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Music 19.05.19 | 13:17

Lupevska: Diaspora should be banned from voting in elections – they did not vote for Tamara

Journalist Snezana Lupevska Sozen blames the Macedonians diaspora that Tamara did not win the Eurovision Song Contest, and asked the diaspora to be banned from voting in elections. The SEC should urgently erase people living abroad from the voters’ list! Money is spent on them, while they don’t...

Music 19.05.19 | 11:57

It is time to re-examine the Eurovision voting format, Tamara is the winner for me

It is time to re-examine the Eurovision voting format, said Zeljko Joksimovic, the man who, both as a singer and composer, has been part of the Eurovision Song Contest as Serbia’s entry many times. Tamara is the winner for me, he tweeted. Vreme je da se preispita nacin glasanja na #Eurovision Za...

Music 19.05.19 | 01:18

Eurovision song contest 2019 won by the Netherlands’ Duncan Laurence

The Netherlands’ Duncan Laurence is the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2019. ‘Arcade’ brought victory to the 25-year-old. Music first always, said Duncan after he was announced as the winner.

Music 19.05.19 | 01:17

Biggest success so far in Eurovision: Tamara’s “Proud” finishes 8th

Our country’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest Tamara Todevska finished in eighth place with a total of 295 points, which is Macedonia’s biggest success so far. Following the votes from each country’s jury, Tamara was second of the leaderboard but ended up eighth after the...

Entertainment 18.05.19 | 23:56

Madonna to Eurovision contestants: You are all winners!

Ahead of her performance at the Eurovision stage Madonna she was honored to be there and to share music with them. Do not underestimate the power of music! With just being here, you are winners. I wish you the best of luck, Madonna said to all the performers.    

Entertainment 18.05.19 | 22:41

Boy George gives support to Tamara Todevska

Music 18.05.19 | 22:09

Macedonia again PROUD of Tamara, here’s her performance in the Grand Final

#Proud has won social networks. The Macedonian public is unanimous – we are proud of Tamara Todevska. The Macedonian pop star Tamara Todevska performed 8th in the Grand Final of the 64th Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Tel Aviv. Here is her performance of “Proud”:

Music 18.05.19 | 21:13

Eurovision 2019 live stream: Tamara Todevska’s Proud is 8th

Macedonian pop star Tamara Todevska with her hit ballad “Proud” will perform 8th in the running order of the Grand Final of the 64th Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Tel Aviv. 26 countries will compete in the Grand Final, and all participants, ie 41 countries, will be able to vote.

Macedonia Music 16.05.19 | 23:44

Macedonia qualified in the Eurovision contest finals

Macedonia qualified in the Eurovision song contest finals. Following her performance in Tel Aviv, Tamara Todevska was able to get the necessary votes to qualify for the next round. Tamara sang Proud, a song she dedicated to her daughter and all the girls and women that need to feel proud in their lives. Along...

Music 16.05.19 | 11:40

Tamara Todevska to perform ‘Proud’ at Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv

Tamara Todevska will perform song “Proud” in the second semifinal of the 64th Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv on Thursday. Three backing vocalists will help Tamara out on stage, Antonia Gigovska, Aleksandra Janeva and Vasil Garvanliev respectively. Tamara has graced the Eurovision...

Music 15.05.19 | 16:35

Billboard: This is why Macedonia could win Eurovision 2019

Billboard thinks 12 entries have the best chance to proclaim victory at the Eurovision Song Contest final on Saturday. Their list also includes Macedonia’s entry “Proud”. In addition to our country on this list, the Czech Republic, France, Malta, Australia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Norway,...

Film 14.05.19 | 15:37

Michael Schumacher’s family to reveal never-before-seen footage in first interview since F1 legend’s ski accident

Schumacher’s family will speak for the first time since his tragic ski accident – in a new documentary to be unveiled this week at Cannes Film Festival. In 2013, the Formula 1 legend was skiing in the French alps when he crashed into a rock and suffered a traumatic brain injury that left...

Music 14.05.19 | 14:48

U.S. Embassy in Israel warns of terrorist attack during Eurovision

The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem issued a security alert for its citizens visiting Israel, warning of potential terrorist attacks in the country. The warning sent on Monday noted that May 14 is the one-year anniversary of the U.S. Embassy opening in Jerusalem and the anniversary of the start of the March...

Film 14.05.19 | 09:38

Doris Day, legendary Hollywood singer and actress, dies at age 97

Singer and actress Doris Day, who worked for three decades in Hollywood starring in major films such as “Pillow Talk” and “Calamity Jane,” has died, her foundation said Monday. Day, who became an animal welfare activist in her later years, was 97. She died at her home in Carmel Valley, California,...

Music 08.05.19 | 10:49

Tamara’s first rehearsal of ‘Proud’ in Tel Aviv

Macedonia’s Tamara Todevska performed Tuesday her first rehearsal of ‘Proud’ at Expo Tel Aviv in Israel for the 2019 Eurovision Song. Here’s the performance:

Music 03.05.19 | 22:45

Siljanovska Davkova at Lenny Kravitz’s concert

Presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska Davkova is among the audience of thousands of people at the concert of the world famous star, Lenny Kravitz, in Skopje. At the concert, the professor enjoys the company of her daughter and granddaughter.

Music 02.05.19 | 19:25

The Best Day: Lenny Kravitz visits Skopje Old Bazaar!

Lenny Kravitz, after he arrived in Skopje ahead of his concert on Friday, visited the Skopje Old Bazaar and was amazed by the people he met along the way.

Film 11.04.19 | 10:24

The Lion King’s first trailer is finally here

The wait is finally over. Disney has released the first official trailer for the upcoming live-action remake of The Lion King, and it’s stunning. Even skeptics and devoted fans of the original animated film will be converted by this must-watch spot—the emotion, drama, and sheer cuteness is all...

Music 26.03.19 | 14:27

Next Time promotes new song “Nesto ke te pitam babo”

The Next Time duo consisting of twin brothers Stefan Filipovski and Martin Filipovski promoted Monday “Nesto ke te pitam babo” (I will ask you something, granny), a remake of an old Macedonian song. Watch the video of the song:

ShowBiz 12.03.19 | 20:27

Jennifer Lopez shares photos of the moment Alex Rodriguez got down on one knee and proposed during Bahamas vacation

Jennifer Lopez has shared photos of the moment fiance Alex Rodriguez got down on one knee on the beach in the Bahamas on Saturday, Daily Mail reported. The 43-year-old former baseball player is seen placing the large emerald-cut diamond, estimated to be worth around $5 million on Jennifer’s left...