Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi laid a wreath Wednesday at the St.Cyril memorial plate in Macedonian language in the Rome-based Santa Maria Maggiore basilica, alongside Bulgarian counterpart Rosen Zhelyazkov, who did the same at the plate in Bulgarian language.

“The two parliament presidents, the people’s representatives in both countries, have met and demonstrated once again that despite the political and partisan positions, people have different opinions on things that are common and bring well-being to them and our institutions. We laid wreaths at the respective plates, as people’s representatives, and on their behalf,” said Speaker Xhaferi.

Speaker Zhelyazkov said he was pleased to lay a wreath alongside Xhaferi, demonstrating how the past is connecting the two countries, but also how the future will as well.

“That was the symbolism of this day. I am happy that we both did this in a friendly and cordial way,” said Zhelyazkov.