Speaking about the suggested changes to the Government’s composition, Caretaker Prime Minister Talat Xhaferi emphasized that the Government is operating fully within its authority.

“The government is operating as it should. “In an interview with Deutsche Welle, Xhaferi stated that efforts are being made to address the status of government members in compliance with the established protocol and the authority granted by the Constitution and legal statutes.”

According to a press release from the Government, Xhaferi stated in the interview that he is unable to comment on statements made by Government members both as representatives of their parties and as individuals. He stressed that his main concern is the authority he has as the Prime Minister of the Government of Macedonia. “As the Government’s Prime Minister, it is my responsibility to oversee the Government. “I ensure that I lead the government in compliance with laws, regulations, and procedures, as well as with how the government operates,” Xhaferi stated.

When asked about the collaboration with opposition ministers, Prime Minister Xhaferi stated that it is appropriate and collegial, adding that all members of the government, regardless of the organization they represent, have the same rights and responsibilities and, of course, receive the same treatment.

“They have full rights and privileges as members of the Government, regardless of their affiliation—that is, whether they joined the Government as part of the opposition or as part of the Przhino agreement.” competence to implement what is the work of the Government,” Xhaferi told Deutsche Welle.