VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski warned retirees that they can expect to see real life cuts to their incomes as the Zaev Government moved to reduce the rate of increase.

There has been no increase in retirement incomes in the two years they’ve been in power, and now the Zoran Zaev Government is preparing a legal basis to actually reduce them. They are cutting the legally provided minimum annual rate of increase put in place to keep up with inflation. Now the Government will cut this rate, which will lead to a real life decrease in incomes. The rate of increase in the average wage will also no longer automatically lead to increased retirement incomes. This proves Zaev’s lies about increased living standards and the harsh reality that the budget can’t service retirement incomes in full, said Mickoski.

The VMRO leader reminded retirees that Zaev was promising annual increases in their incomes before he was brought to power.

Retirees don’t deserve this. They deserve peaceful and dignified lives, Mickoski said.