The National Bank’s Operational Monetary Policy Committee decided to maintain the current interest rates—6.30% on CB bills, 4.20% for overnight loans, and 4.25% for seven-day loans. The supply of CB bills at regular auctions remains at Mden 10 billion. This decision, coupled with reserve requirement changes and macroprudential measures, aims to slow down inflation and stabilize the exchange rate. Despite a decrease in annual domestic inflation to 3.6% in December 2023, the central bank emphasizes the need for caution due to potential risks, both globally and domestically. The average inflation rate in 2023 was 9.4%, slightly below the expected 9.5%. While key macroeconomic indicators align with expectations, uncertainty persists, requiring ongoing careful monitoring and potential use of necessary instruments for stability. The European Central Bank’s decision to maintain interest rates further supports this cautious approach. The National Bank remains committed to measures ensuring exchange rate stability, inflation expectation stabilization, and medium-term price stability.