According to the requests received from the companies, the increase in the price of electricity would be by 27 percent, the Regulatory Commission for Energy announced today.

The president of RKE, Marko Bislimovski, said at a press conference that the analyzes for the price of electricity are starting and that by the end of next week the prices for MEPSO, MEMO and Elektrodistribucija are expected to be adopted.

ESM offered 57 euros instead of 53 euros per megawatt hour and instead of providing 100% of total consumers, 95% will be provided to small households. According to him, there will be increased costs for the purchase of electricity, because EVN will purchase on the free market those 5% that will not be delivered by the domestic ESM, and the price is currently 130-140 euros per megawatt hour, i.e. much more than the guaranteed 57 euros per megawatt hour.

Regarding the introduction of network access, the president of RKE emphasized that it will not be a new cost for consumers and that everything will be within the approved income of the companies.