In February, 90.2 percent of the total domestic electricity needs are provided by domestic production facilities, while the remaining nine percent are from imports, the government’s special advisor for energy Viktor Andonov told a press conference on Wednesday.

This, Andonov pointed out, has not happened in the last 15 years and in the winter months.

That’s why the positive assessments are coming because we managed to cushion all potential risks and shocks imposed by the crisis with timely measures and correct policies, Andonov said.

Confirmation of the energy policies implemented by the Government, according to Andonov, also came from the Deputy Director of the Secretariat of the Energy Community in his address to the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Affairs.

In front of the MPs, he emphasized that the Republic of Macedonia has a very successful level of implementation of legislation in the field of energy and said that the measures taken by the government as a whole are good and necessary measures, as well as that Macedonia is not the only one that reacted with subsidies and state aid, Andonov said.