Electricity is becoming more expensive by decision of the government, higher bills up to 400 denars. Users from the third block for a bill that until now paid 4,000 denars, now will have to pay 4,120 denars. In addition to that, if they have a house in the countryside, a holiday home, an apartment or a second house, they will pay up to 250 denars for the network fee, thus the total increase will be up to 400 denars, reveals VMRO-DPMNE. The thesis that they subsidize bills is a lie. With SDS, electricity is more expensive. If they had been working for the past 7 years, they could have built new energy capacities, instead, they stamped tenders in REC.

The people pay for the government’s failures in the energy sector through loans. It has never been worse. It is important to defeat them