The amendments to the Constitution are part of the negotiating framework with the EU because we are negotiating with the Union, not with Bulgaria and that is why I think that it will continue as a process that, in my opinion, should be completed, answered the Macedonian PM Dimitar Kovacevski, asked to comment the Bulgarian reactions to his statement that Bulgaria has the same approach to Macedonia as Russia has to Ukraine.

He added that he already said publicly what he had to say at the Council of Europe’s Summit and declined any additional comment, however, he couldn’t resist responding to the request by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev to, “…include Goce Delcev’s compatriots in the Macedonian Constitution”.

“Upon the completion of the amendments by the Workgroup, Goce Delcev’s compatriots and descendants will include Rumen Radev’s compatriots and descendants into the Macedonian Constitution”, Kovacevski said.