The director of the Eurosig insurance company, where the Durmo Tours bus was insured, called on the families of victims, as well as the injured passengers to submit documentation as soon as possible for the company to pay out.

I urged the families to submit documentation as soon as possible. After three days the company will pay out. I wish the injured a speedy recovery, said Kadri Morinaj.

The injured and families of the victims in the February 13 bus accident near the village of Laskarci should provide the necessary documents and submit them to the insurance company Eurosig to receive compensation, said the director of the Eurosig company. He also expressed condolences to the families of the victims.

The injured passengers will receive up to 4,500 euros and the families of the victims up to 9,000 euros.

The compensation will be paid out according to age and cases, as prescribed by the law. The total amount is 675 million euros, Morinaj added.

The Durmo Tours bus had insurance and according to the law, in the event of an accident, the passengers are able to claim compensation.