DUI deputy Artan Grubi has reacted sharply to information released by the Almakos news portal that he will openly lobby Nikola Dimitrov to be a consensual candidate for DUI and SDSM. In a statement to MKD.mk Grubi says that such information is fake news and desperate mercenary propaganda.

“My only favorite for president of the state, prime minister, parliament speaker, president of DUI and leader of the Albanians, was and will be Ali Ahmeti. Everything else is fake news and desperate mercenary propaganda,” Grubi said.

The news portal, citing party sources, reported that Artan Grubi is openly lobbying for the presidential nomination of Nikola Dimitrov. The current foreign minister, along with Mile Zecevic, organizational secretary of SDSM, following Monday’s meeting of the presidents of SDSM and DUI, Zoran Zaev and Ali Ahmeti received a task to find a consensual candidate.