“The government, comprising DUI and SDS under the leadership of Kovacevski and Artan Grubi, are signatories of the agreement regarding the State Lottery. The state-owned company, the State Lottery, is currently overseen by Artan Grubi’s Chief of Staff, Perparim Bajrami. It is imperative that they promptly disclose whether they have made any promises, expressed intentions, or entered into agreements involving Macedonia’s collaboration with Vasil Bozhkov or any of his companies in the realm of games of chance, online gambling, or betting in Bulgaria. Such disclosures should be made through official channels by the State Lottery.

Naum Stoilkovski from VMRO, in an accusation today, has raised this important question.”

This revised text maintains clarity while ensuring that the key points are effectively communicated.
“It is of utmost importance to ascertain whether, with the approval of Artan Grubi, the State Lottery has entered into any partnerships with companies associated with Vasil Bozhkov or is establishing connections with him. Additionally, I strongly recommend that Macedonian institutions take this matter seriously. Any agreements, whether secret, signed, or even informal, between the State Lottery and individuals or companies on the USA’s blacklist are contrary to Macedonia’s best interests.”

This revised text maintains clarity and emphasizes the significance of investigating potential connections between the State Lottery and individuals or entities on the USA’s blacklist.