Professor and MP Gordana Siljanovska Davkova said Thursday on TV Kanal 5’s “Samo intervju” show, that legally the Government is obliged to prove at any time that it has a majority of 61 MPs, otherwise it is not legitimate.

The government must prove at any moment that it has a majority of 61 MPs, because otherwise it is not legitimate, this is called “Interregnum” in science, that is how we teach students, says Siljanovska.

Regarding the announced resignation of Zaev, she pointed out that there is no such institute in the constitutional and parliamentary law that “one will resign”, the resignation is given and you leave, because it is a personal and moral right, there is no revocable resignation, it is unknown, what is happening now is not a democratic process because the government has no legitimacy because it did not show it, explained Professor Siljanovska.