The Secretariat for implementation of the Framework Agreement after 11 years will cease to exist. The Government will create a new Ministry for Political System and Relations among Communities in its place. It is likely to be run by Deputy Prime Minister Hazbi Lika, if elected by the government, Alfa reported.

There are about 1,700 employees in the Framework Agreement Secretariat, many of which do not go to work. The creation of the ministry follows after a group of MPs from the parliamentary majority in the Parliament proposed amendments to the Law on Organization and Work of State Bodies and the Law on the Government.

The Ministry for Political System was also part of the so-called Tirana platform. Whether Hazbi Lika will be in charge of the ministry, it will definitely be known after the elections, that is when the new legal solution begins to apply. For now, neither DUI nor government partners have discussed who will be in charge of the new ministry.

Previously, from 2004 to 2008, instead of Secretariat this body was a Sector. The creation of the new Ministry has already been put on the agenda of the parliamentary session scheduled for March 14, and it is also possible to be discussed at a commission hearing on Wednesday.