Bulgarian acting Foreign minister Nikolaj Milkov issued a stern warning that Bulgarians in Macedonia are facing attacks and violence. Milkov spoke after he, along with Macedonian Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, visited Hristijan Pendikov, Bulgarian activist from Ohrid who was badly beaten up several days ago.

The attack on Pendikov is being investigated as a hate crime. He was airlifted by the Bulgarian Government to Sofia, for treatment.

We say NO to the dark traditions historically tied to Macedonia – of arson, shooting, violence over people. Such matters have no place in Europe. Bulgaria will not stop protecting the reights of our community, who are people with dignity. There are still escalations – Hristijan is now receiving threats over the internet. Hristijan Pendikov was attacked because of his ideals. We need to put an end to the atmosphere of impunity which breeds more and more violence, Milkov said, hinting that the attack could lead to further blockadesa of Macedonia’s EU accession talks by Bulgaria.

Milkov demanded tough sentencing for the attackers. Meanwhile, it’s being reported that one of them was possibly also a dual Macedonian – Bulgarian citizen. Pendikov was secretary of the recently opened Tsar Boris III club in Ohrid. The club was met with protests by the opposition VMRO-DPMNE and Levica parties and was several vandalism attacks, provoked by its name – Bulgarian Tsar Boris III aligned the country with the Axis, used this alliance to take Macedonia from Serbia in 1941 and reigned over the Holocaust in Macedonia while Bulgarian forces fought Macedonian partisans.