After being called out by Minister Damjan Mancevski, political prisoner Jane Cento replied that, just like his grandfather defeated the fascists in World War Two, so will he defeat the SDSM regime.

Cento remains in prison on charges of “terrorism”, after he refused the offer of amnesty which was given to three members of Parliament charged in the same case of the 2017 Parliament incident, whose votes Zaev needed to rename the country. Mancevski was recently asked about this discrepancy, that some political prisoners were released but others remain in jail, especially Cento, who is the great-grandson of Macedonia’s first President and legendary World War Two commander Metodija Andonov – Cento, who was also politically persecuted by Communist regime. Mancevski responded by calling Cento an attempted murderer and said that “he could be the grandson of Donald Trump, he should still remain in prison”.

Damjan, you were a witness at the trial and there you described a different person, aged between 50 and 60, who allegedly punched you, wearing a white shirt. Why did you not point me out at the trial, why didn’t you claim that I tried to kill you then, as you now claim through the media? One day all your lies will end and you yourself could very likely end up in prison. I’m not afraid of your threats, that I will remain in prison. Yes, that could happen, just like my great-grandfather was the victim of a staged trial because he fought for Macedonia. I will keep on fighting, Damjan, whether from prison or from the outside. I have the Cento blood coursing through me and I have the Cento temperament. The first Cento defeated the fascists and I will fight your fascist regime, and I will beat you, responded Jane Cento, ending the message with the World War Two slogan – freedom to the people, death to fascism.

Jane Cento (pronounced Yane) who has spent more than a year in detention, was recently attacked by the prison guards. He posted photographs showing bruising on his skin and bootprints on his jacket from where the guards punched and kicked him. One of the guards was revealed to have made horrific threats against VMRO affiliated political prisoners before the attack.