In a text entitled “Million tender”, Fokus weekly reveals scandalous information about contacts between a person close to the mayor of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, and the Turkish participant in the tender for a wastewater treatment plant for the capital.

Fokus learns that a close relative of Arsovska, even before the scandal “broke”, was negotiating with the Turks for the million worth tender for “Water Supply and Sewerage”, said the newspaper.

Whether Arsovska’s close relative is her father, who is mentioned by the media as a participant in business activities, or whether it is another close relative of hers, “Fokus” does not reveal in the online announcement for the printed edition of the newspaper. If it is confirmed that a close relative of Arsovska negotiated with the Turkish company, it will mean a violation of the tender procedure, which is led by two European banks that finance the tender.

If Arsovska knew about the contacts, she violated the strict rules of the tender. Arsovska previously did not answer the question of the Turkish businessman who was mentioned at the session of the Skopje City Council when the cooperation between VMRO-DPMNE and the mayor who won with the help of the largest Macedonian party came to an end.