People say that Maksim Dimitrievski is currently the most popular politician in Macedonia. In an interview with “Republika”, he emphasizes that such an impression on him is a great compliment that he must justify in the future.

He hopes that the new “For our citizens” movement will experience success because the citizens recognize it.

The goal of the movement is to get out of the black-and-white world. The political subjects change, either the left is in power or the right, and nothing changes, it only gets worse. We aim to challenge the citizens and give them the opportunity to directly participate in a civil movement that will be directed by the citizens to the citizens and generate some serious policies that will bring a better tomorrow, an increase in GDP, the creation of a self-sustaining state, sufficient production of food to feed ourselves, enough energy and developing the economy. Without an economy, there is no stable and strong state. It will be necessary to outline the national red lines of the state, and thus unite the Macedonian bloc and sign a strategic document without stepping on our national identity.

The movement is slowly spreading throughout Macedonia?

We opened an office in Kumanovo and formed an association in Prilep and Krusevo. The goal is to return to the essential Macedonian ideology from ASNOM and Krusevo, what the committees started and the partisans were their continuity and we have reached independence and our own state which we got in the palm of our hand as the result of the efforts of our ancestors. Today we are faced with not being able to survive and we are put under pressure from various parties who aim to destroy the Macedonian national fabric and are succeeding in doing so. We are always subject to blackmail by certain partners in the government who, according to the principle of percentages and numbers, always get everything, and the Macedonians get frustrated day by day. Creating a multi-ethnic society is a society of creating equal rights and opportunities but also equal obligations. We will be open to cooperation with everyone, and the civic concept will be multi-ethnic, which will aim to unite the Macedonian people and unite the citizens.

Dimitrievski also announces his participation in the elections.

We plan to go to the elections as a political and civil movement and not to divide the citizens according to political affiliation, but it is more than clear that after the elections we will have to define ourselves as a political entity. We will discuss that with our membership and make the decision. Whoever enters this movement will not have to label himself as belonging to one party or another.

Before the elections, they do not plan to form a coalition with anyone, and after the elections, they will think about it.

Before the elections, we plan to perform with the citizens. We believe that we will win a serious result, but I don’t want to talk about the number of MPs. I expect a lot of support from the citizens, and right after the elections, we will leave space for a coalition with those who will accept most of our programs.

Dimitrievski also responded to the rumors that Branko Crvenskovski will support his movement.

I have not discussed this topic with Crvenkovski, but everyone is welcome. I am interested in politics and it is my duty to communicate with everyone.

Dimitrievski is disappointed with the current government.

This government dragged the state into a severe catharsis, a great lack of ideas and the frustrations of the citizens are daily and the results on the economic plan are disastrous. For the first time, we have a winter in which we do not know how it will end, the budget of the families is small, and the consumption is high. If the salary is not enough to get through the month, then the one who manages the country should ask himself what he is doing wrong. We do not see this government delivering anything concrete. I believed in a society for everyone and that that concept could be implemented. This government implemented that concept as a society for individuals. Individuals in the government live beautifully, they enjoy all the privileges. After all, issues do not resolve themselves and we have to change this as soon as possible.

However, he is not disappointed with SDSM for not supporting him in the local elections.

I am not disappointed, politics is a living thing and life goes on. As a person, I have invested myself in that party. I am officially registered as a member even though I was excluded by them non-statutory. I don’t want to talk about the past because there are wonderful people in SDSM, but we have a leadership that privatized the party and put it in their control. They operate as a joint-stock company or as a private firm and this is impermissible.

Dimitrievski does not run away from the responsibility that brought Zaev to power.

Of course, you cannot run away from responsibility. I was an integral part of that team, I strongly believed in those ideas and in the “no justice, no peace” movement and in the “one society for all” concept, but at some point, I was disappointed because I expected that something will change. The then policies of VMRO-DPMNE were continuously attacked. From the moment we came to power, we turned into something worse. Every government, no matter how it comes, rules even worse than the previous one. I am convinced that this will not be the case with our movement and we will work accountable and transparently as we work in Kumanovo. I am definitely disappointed with Zaev, otherwise, I would not have run as an independent candidate. When you are disappointed with individuals, from all those interviews given, a lot was promised little was achieved, it is normal to be disappointed. But that is man, man evolves through his maturation process.

Dimitrievski describes what it is like to live in Kumanovo today.

Positive spirit abounds in Kumanovo, but unfortunately all those frustrations that we experience as citizens when we hear that Kumanovo was liberated by Bulgarians, how will you feel. What will our ancestors say, my grandmother is still alive 94 years old, and is a living witness of history, how will she feel .Citizens are depressed. Kumanovo is different, many citizens work for foreign companies, and they brought in serious money. We are trying to stimulate the industry, we opened a new industrial zone, we have two new investments, and we are discussing another new one, the opening of the new Dräxlmaier plant is in the process.

He is satisfied with the first year of the new term in office.

We have implemented about 130 projects, two new roundabouts and the reconstruction of the old city park. Every implemented project starts from the municipality and ends with the municipality and the taxpayers of the city. We have enough financial resources and by the end of the term, we will implement all the promised projects. We also want to introduce free city transport, we want to make this decision by consensus in the Council. The municipality has the financial capacity to subsidize the providers of public transport services. I do not promise, I realize.

Dimitrievski has no doubts that Macedonia should join the EU but with its head held high and with a recognized language, identity and culture.

There is no common history with Bulgaria. There is a special history that may at certain moments collide in terms of interests and how it is interpreted. Let everyone read their own history, let us respect each other, and build good neighborly relations with our neighbors, and with other developed countries and let’s move forward.

He has no doubts that if he were a member of parliament, he would not have voted for constitutional amendments.

I would support the initiative for a referendum, if there is a referendum I will absolutely go out and express my opinion. I believe that it is impermissible to change the genesis of the Macedonian people in order to become a member of a certain association, even if it is the EU. Although we see that we are under constant pressure, i.e. persuasion, no one is putting pressure on us directly, but various authorities from the EU are coming to convince us and guarantee us the Macedonian language, and in fact, the Macedonian language and the issue of the language is opened in the part of the negotiations as the last chapter.

With Dimitrievski we also discussed lighter topics. He is considered a man who sings well and in his youth sang in the city choir and the whole family he says is musically educated.

Even today, I practice singing with my family at parties and with close friends. My favorite song is “Abre Makedonce” in the original version.

Dimitrievski also follows the World Cup and has favorite national teams.

I follow the championship, I love that France is the favorite, it’s a shame that Germany was eliminated. Otherwise, from now on, I have been secretly rooting for one of the outsiders or rookies, which is very difficult in this situation for them to emerge and come to the surface.

Listen to the entire conversation in the video interview conducted by Igor Caveski