We have turned a page, we are completely in a new era, but this page is white and now we will have to write on it, Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov said in an interview with the Greek newspaper “Efimerida ton Syntakton”, MIA reports from Athens.

The Foreign Minister explained that now there are many challenges, first practical, that are related to the name change, and then those that are related to the implementation of the second part of the agreement “important for releasing the huge potential for cooperation and friendship.”

I firmly believe that our two countries are natural allies. We are neighbors, we are in Europe, Greece is certainly a bigger country, but in the modern interdependent world we can all benefit from the cooperation, said Dimitrov.

Dimitrov said politicians who are in power are obliged to primarily thinks of their country’s interest and before those of their party.

It is not often the case nowadays to see politicians thinking more about the next generations and less about the upcoming elections, Dimitrov told “Efimerida ton Syntakton”.

He said in an interview that the Prespa Agreement is not an agreement between two parties, but two governments and two states, and there was an “international obligation to move forward”.

When you want to destroy something, it’s not that hard. It’s hard to build it. It is our duty to try, all those who want to destroy, there is a big price for that, Dimitrov explained and expressed the belief that they will win the hearts of people, even those who now oppose the agreement.

Asked why the agreement delayed and 27 years were lost, the Foreign Minister said that “once the Prespa Agreement moves forward, citizens will wonder why it was not reached in the 90s.”

One of the reasons that the agreement was reached now may be due to the fact that our societies have matured, but also the leadership capabilities shown by those who were involved in the efforts, commented Dimitrov in the interview.

Regarding the European perspective of North Macedonia, the Foreign Minister explained that we were waiting since 2005, and the biggest obstacle was the name issue, but now the doors are open.

When European leaders say that the best news came from the Balkans due to the Prespa Agreement, they are compelled to do something about it in the future or the European attraction for other Western Balkan countries will also be lost, said Dimitrov.

Asked if his government is concerned over obstacles possibly placed in the European path if the leader of New Democracy Kyriakos Mitsotakis comes into power in Greece, the Foreign Minister expressed hope that they will be able to have a basic understanding.