The Minister of Internal Affairs, Panče Toškovski, announced that disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against six chiefs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for their failure to act after a rifle was stolen from the car of the additional deputy chief of SVR Skopje.

The Department for Internal Control, Criminal Investigations and Professional Standards, acting on a report regarding a serious theft of a vehicle driven by a police officer in which a small-caliber rifle was stolen, assigned to the current additional deputy head of SVR Skopje, found that a series of violations in the police procedure, says Toškovski.

In clarifying the case, he stated that no report was filed, and no offense was found.

Specifically, the police officers from ENT-DO failed to file a criminal complaint despite a well-founded suspicion that the rifle was involved in a committed crime. Furthermore, minimum checks were not conducted, the competent public prosecutor was not notified, and it was not submitted for expert examination. Simultaneously, the police officers did not identify any violation, and no criminal complaint was filed against the individual who, at that time, served as the head of the Department of Internal Affairs in Skopje. To thoroughly address the incident, an initiative to initiate disciplinary proceedings has been submitted against the police officers involved, including the head of ENT, the head of the ECR department, the chief inspector in the ENT, the independent inspector for property crimes in Centar and Bit Pazar, and the senior inspector in the ENT,” stated Toshkovski.