On Monday afternoon, the State Election Commission (SEC) rejected the appeal from the European Front regarding the revote in polling station 2101 in the village of Larce, Municipality of Zhelino. Candidates have the right to appeal this decision to the Administrative Court, which must decide within 48 hours of receiving the appeal.

Following the May 22 revote at this polling station, the DUI coalition lost one parliamentary seat to the “Worth It” coalition. DUI raised concerns about irregularities in the voting process, including discrepancies between the number of ballots and the number of voters who turned out.

SEC President Aleksandar Dashtevski stated that after examining all electoral material, the situation matched the records in the minutes, leading to the proposal to reject the objection as unfounded.

In the decision to overturn DUI’s objection, six SEC members voted against it, with only the vice-chair, Dritmir Shehu, voting in favor.

As a result of the revote in polling station 2101, the European Front lost one seat in Parliament while the “Worth It” coalition gained one seat. For the May 22 revote at seven polling stations in the fifth and sixth election districts, no other complaints were submitted to the SEC.